Grumpity grump

By panda_eyed

This morning, I noticed that I slurp my tea when it’s hot. I wonder if it annoys anyone working around me? Ah well, at least it isn’t as bad as stinky feet and loud music through headphones..
I’m grumpy today - not having a great week. I feel drained both physically and mentally, and I really wish I didn’t. I wish I could escape to somewhere peaceful where I wouldn’t have to worry about anything, and all my physical aches and tiredness would disappear. *sigh* Take me on holiday someone?

Things that have irritated me today:
- Finding out that there’s no loo roll left after I’ve had a wee
- My stapler – won’t staple and just leaves lots of holes on the page. Nghhh..
- Colleagues
- People who fart on public transport – it’s always the skinniest girls who do the worst ones
- The fact that someone stole one of my photo frames (with photo) at work, but nothing was done about it

Ooh, on another topic, I saw another sleb yesterday – Jason Merrells, who was in Cutting It and Waterloo Road. I think Boso is right, I must be a sleb magnet! Yup, they seek me out.. It has nothing at all to do with the fact that there is a BBC building at the end of the street where I work… :D

23 things you might not have known

By panda_eyed

Last week, I was tagged by Jia to tell you ‘my age’ in things that you might not have known about me. So after a long while of pondering, here’s goes:

1. I recently discovered that when typing ‘biol’ (as in biology) in Microsoft Outlook, it automatically changes to ‘boil’. This is also the same with ‘Transferrin’ (- transferring) and ‘tuddles’ (- toddles. Is that even a word??).
2. My little car has a name. He is called Beepy and he has a cool personality.
3. I used to go to ballroom dancing classes when I was 7. I can’t remember any of it now.
4. My nickname in primary school was Chun Li (from Street Fighter) because I could beat up all the boys.
5. I can spend £40 a go on hair products and not bat an eyelid.
6. I first started learning Italian because I had a crush on an Italian boy in college. I can speak 6 languages.
7. I have aspirations to write books one day. I have started several and left them unfinished.
8. I went through a phase where I thought coloured contacts were cool and had greenish-brown eyes for a couple of months. I cringe when I look at those pictures.
9. I haven’t been to a hairdresser in 6 years. I cut my own hair – no one ever notices when it’s been cut. I’m never sure if that’s good or bad..
10. I am the most indecisive person on the history of the planet.
11. I would love to go on safari to the Masaai Mara and see all the big cats and animals
12. Most people’s biggest ambitions are to have power and status and make lots of money, but mine are simply to be a great mother one day. I truly think raising children properly is the biggest thing I could ever achieve.
13. I can wiggle my forehead and my ears.
14. I have double-jointed thumbs. I would show you a picture but it might scare you all away.
15. I quite frequently sleep walk. I usually wake up to find the windows wide open, even in winter.
16. I love chillies. I can eat reeeeally hot food and still enjoy it, even when it makes me cry.
17. Quite often, I get mistaken for a ‘halfie’ – that’s half Chinese, half black – because of my jet-black curly afro hair and dark skin. I’m one of very few Chinese girls who have naturally curly hair. I have a teensy little bit of Jamaican blood – perhaps that’s why.
18. I made my TV debut aged 7, as a ‘Green germ’ in Superbods. At the end of the clip, I was dragged off by my feet (having been killed by antibodies)
19. I can’t leave the house without make-up – it is a mixture of vanity and low self-esteem.
20. I am allergic to mangoes and lychees. I also can’t eat coriander, melon, cucumber, aubergine and chive because they make me feel ill.
21. I am a cheap date – a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. I once threw up after 2 drinks. It’s the Chinese genes!
22. I have an affinity with animals. They seem to like me for some reason, especially dogs.
23. I'm possibly the clumsiest person in the UK after Frank Spencer. For example, this lunchtime, I got my bracelet stuck in the zip of the inner pocket inside my bag and couldn't get it out for about 10 mins. I had to ask a colleague for help - I didn't feel silly at all!

So that's me! I tag anyone who wants to join in!


O2 wireless festival

By panda_eyed
What with everyone up and moving blog-homes, I have updated my links – let me know if I have missed anyone!

So, the O2 wireless festival. The tickets were provided courtesy of TopTable - fanks TT! It was pretty damn good actually! I saw Pharrell Williams, Gnarls Barkley, Damien Marley and Massive Attack, amongst others. I had Sangria – mmm… but at £4 a pop.. extortion! Pharell was wicked – sang all our faves, interacted with the crowd, and even came down into the throng to say hello! When he took his shirt off, all the girlies screamed (yes, me included :) I got some shirtless pics, but they’re a bit hazy! I got groped in the XFM tent whilst Damien Marley was playing, by a girl! :o It was sunny and hot = lots of crispy people. I got squashed in crowds, danced lots, sang along and generally had a great time. I didn’t see any slebs, although lots were rumoured to be there. What did everyone else get up to?

What I hate most about summer: hayfever = lots of sneezing = smudging my waterproof mascara everywhere before its dry = serious panda-eyes = having to start all over again :

JC, you fine!

By panda_eyed
I went to see Whistle Down the Wind last night, at the Palace theatre. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it - it tells the story of three children as they approach their first Christmas since the death of their mother. They discover an escaped criminal hiding in their barn and become convinced that he is Jesus. The play contrasts the innocence of the children with the cynicism of the town's residents to inflict punishment on the evil in their midst.

It was quite good - not quite great, but the singing was brilliant. What swung it for me was that ‘Jesus’ was fit! Lol, yep you read right – Jesus Christ was HOT!! He was played by Tim Rogers who has some body, I can tell you – I couldn’t take my eyes off that muscular physique all night! *day dreams* Wish I were in those big strong arms.. *sigh*

On leaving the theatre, we walked past John Barnes, ex-footballer and sports presenter. That’s my second sleb sighting this week!

I’m going to the O2 wireless festival in Hyde park this afternoon – fingers crossed it doesn’t rain because it looks quite grey out! This weekend sees lots of guests arriving at our house – 2 family friends, my aunt, my grandma and her carer. Phew, it’s going to be cosy! I’m apprehensive – I don’t see eye to eye with the family friends because they have some very stuck up, stupid opinions on things and can be the most annoying, inconsiderate people ever. *breathes deeply* Am going to have to try and keep from losing my temper. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, hope you all have a good one. And here’s another pic of Tim as ‘Jesus’ to keep you salivating :D


Trust me, I’m a doctor; and other random things

By panda_eyed

I’m sorry I haven’t been around a great deal recently, it’s been busier at work and I’m still not feeling all that great. I did jot down a blog entry yesterday, but never got round to blogging, sowwy.. it’s a bit redundant now anyhow.

I had an appointment at the doc’s today, to discuss my test results. Apparently, all the tests that have come back so far are fine – my kidneys, my thyroid, immune system, all good. I have alpha thalassaemia, so am always borderline anaemic anyway, but they already knew that. They are still waiting on the tests for rheumatoid arthritis, but he doesn’t think it’s that. I’ve been referred to a rheumatologist anyway, who also specialises in muscle pains and chronic fatigue, so we shall have to wait and see.

Sods law, that when you can’t be bothered to shave your legs, the doc wants to examine your joints. I was very embarrassed by my stubbly trunks. *blush*

Another celeb to add to my ‘Slebs’ list - as I turned onto Cleveland Street this morning, from Great Portland Street station, I literally bumped into Ben Miller, who plays Howard in The Worst Week of My Life. He had longer hair and looked very relaxed and almost hippy-like in a stripy brown t-shirt. Nice eyes up close, surprisingly.

Ooh, totally random - last night I dreamt that I was staying in a B&B with the England footy squad, and I was offering to make them tea, but none of them took up my offer because they don’t consume caffeine (..?!). Anyway, I was talking to Stephen Gerard in the kitchen, and I found myself strangely attracted to him. For some reason, he was topless, and I was trying as hard as I could not to put my head on his chest and inhale, because he smelt gorgeous! Try as I might, I couldn’t help myself, and snuggled up to him. We ended up kissing, even though I was well aware that he has a wife and kids back home. Then the scene changed, and I was telling my best friend all about it. LOL, how random, huh? I don’t even fancy Stephen Gerard! Perhaps it was because he scored a crucial goal last night? I do quite fancy Thierry Henry though, and some of the Italian football team. Freddy Ljungberg is quite yummy in those ads too!


I'm not a hypochondriac, honest

Category: By panda_eyed
I haven’t been around a great deal recently, because I’ve been feeling quite awful lately, especially these last few days.

I had blood taken yesterday, so they can try and figure out what’s wrong with me. The nurse was a mean, heavy-handed woman who hurt me a lot and got blood all down my arm :,(

I’ve had so many recurrent infections/colds/viruses/throat infections, pretty much since I was 11, but recently it’s gotten ridiculous. And after each bout of illness, I feel horribly achy in every single one of my muscles (even on my skin), overwhelmingly exhausted, dizzy, tired, fuzzy-headed, sensitivity to changing temperature, my joints ache, and my mood swings are terrible. Most people recover from a sore throat within a few days – my record is 3 and a half weeks of feeling terrible. To be honest, I’d just put all of this down to having a weaker immune than most, but at 23 years old, can it really be that bad??

It’s been worrying me for a while but after this recent bout of symptoms (this time appearing suddenly out of nowhere), I can’t accept that it’s just because I have a fragile immune system, and decided to have something done about it. I don’t want to speculate on what could be causing this, but it’s so hard not to. It’ll be such a relief if they find something, but at the same time, I hate thinking that there could be something wrong. I’m kinda scared! Fingers crossed for my test results now :s

Sorry to have turned this into a hypochondriacal rant – it was never meant to be! On a brighter note, I have finally finished my editing training and have started editing! Yay!

Yesterday I had a full set of teeth

By panda_eyed
Oh dear, it’s Friday and a lovely day and I can’t be bothered to do any work. I’m feeling a bit low actually. Some of you know I went to the dentist yesterday for a simple filling. I have come away missing half my biggest molar.

My dentist denied I was missing half my tooth until I vehemently insisted it had gone and wasn’t right, then admitted it had broken off but that that was ‘normal’. After my insistence that it wasn’t right, he admitted that he had tried to put a pin in, to try and build the tooth back up again, but that it was ‘impossible’ because I wouldn’t open my mouth wide enough. Well excuuuse me, but try keeping your mouth open at its widest for an hour and a half straight (not the promised half an hour) and see if it’s that easy!

It’s a very shoddy job – I now have a gap between my back molar and wisdom, and my bite sooo isn’t right. I can’t bite my teeth together in order to grind my food properly. Now, as eating is one of my favourite pastimes, this is a huge thing for me. The other is vanity – I know you can’t see it, but I know it’s imperfect, and before yesterday, I hadn’t had a thing done to my teeth before and they were a strong, beautiful set of teeth. I’m almost mourning that tooth.

I know it isn’t the end of the world, but why do I feel like I’ve lost a limb? I have to go back for more fillings apparently – this time on the opposite molar. Even if I do go to another dentist, what if the same thing happens and I’m left with 2 crapped-up molars? I never realised how important they were for chewing before yesterday.. I know I'm probably overreacting but *sob*

Mood: Sad, crabby and in need of tuddles..


By panda_eyed
For as long as I can remember, I have always had an ‘irrational’ fear of spiders. Irrational is in inverted commas because, to me, this fear seems completely rational. My motto is never trust anything with more than 2 eyes and 4 limbs. My sister told me recently that spiders’ reproductive organs are on their legs – I don’t know if this is true but eww! Lol, I guess not every species can boast that their willy is as long as their leg!

The other night, I went to feed the hamsters before bed. So in bare feet and nighty and having taken my lenses out (everything blurry) I went downstairs. In the corner of my eye, this big black spider comes streaking into the room in my direction (look away now if you are anti-Bug-cruelty).

Panda: “Eeeeeeeeee…!” *Backs away from it*
Great big mother of a hairy, thick-legged monster spider: “Muhahaha…” *Senses Panda’s fear and sprints towards her*
Panda: “Arghhhhh! Eee!” *Jumps onto chair like a proper girl and wonders why she doesn’t have her phone with her to call someone*
Spider: *Waits at the foot of chair for Panda to get down – she will have to eventually*
Panda: *Finds a huge heavy street atlas and attempts to drop it on Spider. Thinks she’s got the bugger but can’t really see – waits 5 minutes just in case (still on top of chair) – thinks the ordeal is over and goes to pick up atlas.* *SCREAMS like the apocalypse is nigh - wakes the whole house up*
Spider: “Ha! Missed!” *Stares evilly with all 8 eyes, looks down and realises it has a leg missing* “Shit..! My man-hood!”
Panda: *Aims atlas more carefully*
Spider: *runs under bookcase*
10 mins later..
Panda is still on top of chair, just in case Spider decides to ambush, as soon as she steps down..

I’m not kidding, this thing was huuuuuuGe! And it’s still in the house somewhere… *whimpers* Since then, I have had to switch all the lights on and don proper footwear before going to the loo in the middle of the night. I’ve seen quite a few big fat spiders since and I think that’s because the great big spider is sending out armies of them to wreak its revenge. It is truly terrifying, I tell you…

In other news, I have a cold amongst other things and haven’t been feeling all that great lately. I had a sick-day yesterday and spent it reading the first half of The Da Vinci Code which, as it turns out, is a brilliant book. Haven’t been able to put it down yet. I will be sad when it’s finished! I have been told by several people that it’s ‘very cliché’ of me to read such a popular title. It’s quite funny how when something becomes popular it automatically loses status within the elitist ‘clever’ crowd.