JC, you fine!

By panda_eyed
I went to see Whistle Down the Wind last night, at the Palace theatre. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it - it tells the story of three children as they approach their first Christmas since the death of their mother. They discover an escaped criminal hiding in their barn and become convinced that he is Jesus. The play contrasts the innocence of the children with the cynicism of the town's residents to inflict punishment on the evil in their midst.

It was quite good - not quite great, but the singing was brilliant. What swung it for me was that ‘Jesus’ was fit! Lol, yep you read right – Jesus Christ was HOT!! He was played by Tim Rogers who has some body, I can tell you – I couldn’t take my eyes off that muscular physique all night! *day dreams* Wish I were in those big strong arms.. *sigh*

On leaving the theatre, we walked past John Barnes, ex-footballer and sports presenter. That’s my second sleb sighting this week!

I’m going to the O2 wireless festival in Hyde park this afternoon – fingers crossed it doesn’t rain because it looks quite grey out! This weekend sees lots of guests arriving at our house – 2 family friends, my aunt, my grandma and her carer. Phew, it’s going to be cosy! I’m apprehensive – I don’t see eye to eye with the family friends because they have some very stuck up, stupid opinions on things and can be the most annoying, inconsiderate people ever. *breathes deeply* Am going to have to try and keep from losing my temper. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, hope you all have a good one. And here’s another pic of Tim as ‘Jesus’ to keep you salivating :D


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  1. Jia Li 3:27 pm, June 23, 2006
    Have fun at that O2 thing
  2. Seema 3:48 pm, June 23, 2006
    I'm rubbish at this 'slebs' thingy, i saw the back of John Barnes head after you proded me and shouted JOHN BARNES down my ear! Gotta start lifting my head up as i walk!

    You're so funny, the only person that can walk out the theatre with the cheesiest grin on her face dreaming about JC! What are you like?!

    Have a good night and weekend and make sure you keep your temper at bay! I'll take plenty of photos of the stripper for ya! ;)
  3. Boso 8:47 pm, June 23, 2006
    I'm convinced, you're a sleb magnet !!
  4. Olivia 1:36 am, June 24, 2006
    London is a sleb magnet! So what else is Tim Rogers known for?

    All the front offices of the Nat Gal were treated to the Bollywood show in Trafalgar Square - all day!

    Sometimes annoying, sometimes really great.

    You have a great weekend, I've missed blogging and can't even catch up this weekend because I'm away again.
  5. Sunshine 8:42 am, June 24, 2006
    Im sure Jesus is fit.. lol. Not only on the stage. In fact if you look at the movies that have been all brought out with Jesus in them he has never been a better looking man. I mean check out Mel Gibsons 'The Passion'.. Fit.
    Cant wait to get to Heaven and meet him face to face. x
    PS) I am over at platform27 now.. lol
  6. panda_eyed 6:22 pm, June 24, 2006
    Thanks Jia, I did have lots of fun! Will blog about it later on if I can. I also completed my '23 new things you might not have known about me' and I'll try and post that too! Hope you're having a great w/e too xx

    Hey S, hope you have fun on tht hen weekend, I look forward to photos :s hope you don't get arrested at the photo developers for having rude photos! Heehee..

    Lol Boso, I wish I was a fit footballer magnet ;) but I think its just because I'm just quite observant!

    Hi Liv, missed ya! Yeh London is full of celebs. I didn't see any at the O2 fest actually, although there were supposed to be quite a few there including Paris Hilton, Jade Jagger, James Blunt etc..
    Tim Rogers has been in quite a few theatre productions and musicals, and I think he used to be in an Aussie band. He's kinda cute, dontcha think? :)
    Can't wait for the catch up blogs, you have a great one too! x

    Sunshine, you're probably right, I like Tim the best at the moment :) Thanks for letting me know about P27 - I know I need to update my links cos everyone's changed over. Later maybe, I'm going to go soak up some more sunshine right now! Hope you're having a great weekend too, esp the engagement party! xx

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