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Last week was a good week for me, in terms of managing my ME/CFS symptoms and energy levels. I felt almost normal at times, which is quite a big thing for me, considering. If I could only identify what it is that I've been doing differently to cause this change, I could recover from this thing. I've had a couple of sessions of pacing therapy at a CFS clinic, and I wish I could say I understood how to apply it to my everyday life, but so far, it's not proving that easy. I am trying to keep an open mind though, and we'll see how it goes!

Making changes to daily life isn't easy, I understand that, but I encountered someone at the group who is so resistant to making any changes at all that I don't see why they bother to turn up. This person seems to blame everything wrong in their life on ME/CFS, AND tries to encourage others to think the same way. Honestly - scared of the dark? It must be ME. Got a fear of water? ME. I think this person needs life coaching more than pacing therapy. They've already said "My ME is obviously so much worse than everyone elses here. This isn't going to work, and I've already told the Dr so." I wish they'd just take the negativity home with them. Don't let the door hit you on the arse on your way out.

In other news, I went here this weekend. I took my dad as a birthday treat. Lionel was brilliant! :D Even my daddy was dancing and singing along! We enjoyed it hugely, and if you ever get the chance to see Mr Richie in concert, go for it! It'll be worth it :)

I went to quite a few shows last month actually, which I still haven't managed to blog about. I think the best of the lot was the very eccentric Blue Man Group, which was both so funny and so much fun. If you've been, you'll understand why - if you haven't, go! I have honestly never seen so much loo roll in one place... A taste of their antics here.

In the runner-up spot, the revival of the comedic play, Boeing Boeing. I suspect it was the big names in here that made the show popular second time around - Michelle Gomez (Green wing), Frances de la Tour and Tamsin Outhwaite, but the show was a hoot from start to finish. I'd recommend not buying balcony seats though - you're so high up that you get neck ache from peering downwards, not to mention vertigo!

Treats - received much publicity recently, starring Billie Piper, Kris Marshall and Laurence Fox. Its had a mixed reception. I thought each actor was brilliant - but when the actors came on stage for their final bow, I thought we were halfway through a scene, and I was waiting for the storyline to emerge! It was all a bit pointless, really. Billie Piper did a crying scene which lasted about five minutes in total - just her sobbing away on stage - it was well-acted, but again, all a bit pointless.

Proof , which played at the Arts theatre for four weeks only, was powerfully emotional and just superb. I'm not sure which came first - the play, or the movie (with Gwyneth Paltrow, Anthony Hopkins & Jake Gyllenhaal), but this was brilliant. I'm not normally a big fan of serious plays, but this one was so brilliantly acted by all involved that it even had me (and half the audience) in tears at one point. I think it's returned to Broadway now, unfortunately! I'm planning on watching the movie next, I wonder if any of you have seen it, and if it was any good?

I'm also going to see Jump tonight! You might remember seeing the Korean martial arts group on the Royal Variety show in December. It has been described as 'A highly entertaining mix of slapstick, gymnastics and martial arts'. I'm quite looking forward to it :) I'll let you know if it's any good!

Hope you're all well! xx


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I haven't really had much to blog about lately, so I guess this will be another of my 'start waffling and see where it takes me' posts.

Feathers was talking about quirks on her latest post, and that got me thinking about my own. I wonder if they're actually as weird as they seem to me?

1. I sometimes talk to myself/read things out loud in different accents. It helps me concentrate. My favourites are French, Scottish and Irish, although I've been told that all my accents sound Indian..
2. I named my car (Beepy) and often talk about him as if he were a person. Btw, Beepy passed his MOT with flying colours, so I am quite proud of him :)
3. I have a washing basket, but I tend to dump the dirty laundry on top of, or around, it. And I never get round to doing the laundry until I've actually run out of knickers..
4. I feel the urge to sing whilst having a wee, which has caused me embarrassment before.

I can't think of any more right now, but I'm sure there are more. You might laugh, but :p

Oh, exciting news - I'm going to Hong Kong again in April! This time it's only for a week, which is crazy, what with the jetlag, but I just need a break from London and everyday life. I shall be taking it easy and not making as many excursions as Christmas time, if at all, because I don't need to be more exhausted than before the holiday! I'm so looking forward to a bit of sun. I think HK is in the early 20s deg centigrade at the mo', so yay!

What did you guys do for your mums on Mother's day last weekend? I'd been watching a lot of Masterchef goes large, so I wanted to be Masterchef for the day. I did a 3-course meal, with the help of my sister (until she decided she was tired and went for a nap..). My menu was:

Brunch: Full english breakfast

Appetiser: Salmon fishcakes with a homemade tartar sauce*
Main: Papardelle pasta and meatballs with a real tomato sauce
Served with rustic garlic ciabatta and carpaccio of courgette
Dessert: Homemade blueberry cheesecake*

My mum was suitably impressed :) I should hope so too, because I spent about 6 hours in the kitchen! It's hard work being a masterchef, I tell ya! Expensive too - I don't know how, but I managed to spend almost £40 on ingredients. Ouch!

Anyhoo, I'm running out of waffle now, but hope you're all having a good week!

Where was I over the weekend?

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We've had such lovely warm weather lately, I took advantage of it this weekend. But can you guess where, from the pictures? A prize to the first person who guesses correctly!

Clue: I'm very lost..

I think I've given you some good clues from those! Good luck!

Sometimes you should just take that risk

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A memory; snippets of conversation:

Pandy and her best-friend-who's-a-boy, J, talking about crushes:

J: There’s a girl I really like.
Pandy: Oh yeah? *Smiles* Who is she? Tell me about her.
J: She’s great, we’re really good friends. I can talk to her about anything and everything. We always have a laugh. This one’s special.
Pandy: Aww.. So why haven’t you asked her out yet?
J: *Looks at floor, embarrassed* I’m scared she might say no and that it would spoil out friendship.
Pandy: Well, what vibes do you get from her? Anything more than just friends?
J: Sometimes, but then other times, I just don’t know.
Pandy: What’s her name? Have I met her?
J: *Still looking away, thinks* I don’t want to say, you might know her.
Pandy: Aww, go on, you know I won’t say anything.
J: *Faint smile, blushes*
Pandy: *Tries to work out who it could be* At least describe her?
J: *Looking embarrassed again* She has pretty eyes and she makes me happy, that’s all I’ll say.
One drunken night:
Pandy & J have snogs, kisses and cuddles.
Pandy on the phone to her friend, the next day:

Pandy: I’m so embarrassed, what if it’s really awkward after this?
Friend: It will only be if you let it. Do you like him? Y’ know, like that?
Pandy: I dunno, I never really thought about it. It doesn’t matter whether I like or not anyway, cos last week he was telling me about this girl he’s really in to. *Recounts the conversation*
Friend: Oh my god, you’re so thick!
Pandy: What? Why?
Friend: You do know that he was talking about you, don’t you?
Pandy: *Long pause, running the whole conversation through her head* Oh..
J went travelling, Pandy got absorbed in uni life. Neither wanted to embarrass themselves or ruin their friendship. Pandy doesn’t know where J is now, or what he’s doing. She hasn’t heard from him in years. She misses him.

Have you ever looked back and wondered what might have happened if you had done something differently?