Sometimes you should just take that risk

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A memory; snippets of conversation:

Pandy and her best-friend-who's-a-boy, J, talking about crushes:

J: There’s a girl I really like.
Pandy: Oh yeah? *Smiles* Who is she? Tell me about her.
J: She’s great, we’re really good friends. I can talk to her about anything and everything. We always have a laugh. This one’s special.
Pandy: Aww.. So why haven’t you asked her out yet?
J: *Looks at floor, embarrassed* I’m scared she might say no and that it would spoil out friendship.
Pandy: Well, what vibes do you get from her? Anything more than just friends?
J: Sometimes, but then other times, I just don’t know.
Pandy: What’s her name? Have I met her?
J: *Still looking away, thinks* I don’t want to say, you might know her.
Pandy: Aww, go on, you know I won’t say anything.
J: *Faint smile, blushes*
Pandy: *Tries to work out who it could be* At least describe her?
J: *Looking embarrassed again* She has pretty eyes and she makes me happy, that’s all I’ll say.
One drunken night:
Pandy & J have snogs, kisses and cuddles.
Pandy on the phone to her friend, the next day:

Pandy: I’m so embarrassed, what if it’s really awkward after this?
Friend: It will only be if you let it. Do you like him? Y’ know, like that?
Pandy: I dunno, I never really thought about it. It doesn’t matter whether I like or not anyway, cos last week he was telling me about this girl he’s really in to. *Recounts the conversation*
Friend: Oh my god, you’re so thick!
Pandy: What? Why?
Friend: You do know that he was talking about you, don’t you?
Pandy: *Long pause, running the whole conversation through her head* Oh..
J went travelling, Pandy got absorbed in uni life. Neither wanted to embarrass themselves or ruin their friendship. Pandy doesn’t know where J is now, or what he’s doing. She hasn’t heard from him in years. She misses him.

Have you ever looked back and wondered what might have happened if you had done something differently?

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  1. Ames 3:14 pm, March 08, 2007
    Oh honey!


    Totally know where you're coming from though. Met a guy and he wanted something long term but I didn't (foolish youth me) and now he's all babied up with his partner. It's always a case of 'if only I'd stayed with you for a bit longer' but then I kinda think everything would've been SO different in my life and it may have, but possibly may not have, been for the better.

    Love you sweetie.xxxx
  2. Olivia 3:15 pm, March 08, 2007
    Awwww who's a silly little Pandy!
    *big tuddle*

    Yes, after my initial culture shock at a mixed school in the US, there was a boy called Adam who was very cute. He was friendly to me, but I still didn't understand motives (my first year I was harrassed by a bad boy), so I was defensive...

    He was in my English, art and drama classes and after I told him to go away, I can't remember if he still talked to me. He is the only guy I tried to find recently and make things right, but it's tough since he is called Adam Cooper, like the dancer.
  3. Olivia 3:18 pm, March 08, 2007
    Why are we both feeling blue this week, sweetie?

    Just when springtime was beginning to cheer things up? Must be *because* it's springtime and there's no man in sight :P

  4. panda_eyed 3:33 pm, March 08, 2007
    Amesypie, *hugs back*. I guess life is full of 'what ifs'. It's a bit Sliding Doors-y, huh? Can't help wondering though..
    Lets see what life brings next.. xx

    Livvy, I am..? :)
    Did you find Adam Cooper in the end? The poor boy! :)
    Yes it must be the lovely warm and sunny Spring weather.. that and PMT :| I'm sure we'll cheer up soon! xx
  5. Ames 4:05 pm, March 08, 2007
    Indeed it is..god didn't she die in the end of one version (in Sliding Doors I mean!)

    Gues we have to presume that everything happens for a reason and it's for the better.


  6. jessica 7:56 am, March 09, 2007
    Man! should I call it a coincidence??? one of my friend faced a similar situation where she was having a hard time trying to confess her feelings of love to her best friend and didn't know what to do......then it was me who pushed her into saying it at the cost of anything and guess what, they are happy together :).....I feel it's better to say than never at all.
    Do drop by my blog coz it's full of fun advices on friendship and I am sure you'd love your visit.
  7. panda_eyed 3:38 pm, March 09, 2007
    *hugs back* sweet Ames! I agree!

    Hi Jessica, thanks for dropping by. I'll come by and check your blog in a bit :)
  8. fabulous 3:55 pm, March 09, 2007
    I would like to say.. your thick but you have lost something that could be important. Is there anyway you can get in contact with this lad?. It seems to me that maybe it might be ment to be.
  9. panda_eyed 4:11 pm, March 09, 2007
    Fabs, I do have regrets, sure, and I do ask myself 'what if' sometimes. I have to let it go now though, and say it wasn't meant to be. Que sera, sera.
    Otherwise I'd drive myself crazy thinking about it.
  10. panda_eyed 4:50 pm, March 09, 2007
    Btw, this happened six years ago!
  11. Flighty 9:04 pm, March 09, 2007
    I think that we have all had some 'What if' moments in our lives. I know I have!
    Have a good weekend. xx
  12. Jia hearts Panda 1:01 am, March 11, 2007
    Oh yes....tuddles
  13. nikkipolani 4:17 pm, March 12, 2007
    Yes, I do look back occasionally, but not for long gazes - there's nothing I can do about those decisions now. How have you been, Pandy?
  14. sppadic 5:40 pm, March 12, 2007
    ahh reminiscing i see pandy..well hope you are not feeling too down..hey we all go thru life looking back at what might have been.all you can do is look forward i guess..probably of no help but hey had to go with the cliche!:-) hope you are doing ok otherwise...and hey you never might still meet up with the guy or could meet someone else whos the same or even better.:-)?
  15. panda_eyed 11:58 am, March 13, 2007
    Hi Flighty, 'what if' moments make life that much more interesting. I guess we all have regrets, and the only thing we can do is learn from them. I had a good weekend, did you?

    Jia! What have you been upto? I wish you'd consider blogging again! You and your fantastically busy life... :) Hope all's well sweetie! BTW Panda hearts Jia too!

    Nikki, that's good advice - look back but don't dwell on it. Thanks :)
    I am loving the super sunny weather at the moment, it gives me more bounce! Hope you're recovering well from dental surgery. *hugs*

    Hey Sppadic! How've you been? Yes reminiscing, but looking forward and being positive, like you said. Cliches only exist because they're mostly true, eh? And yes, definitely hoping to meet someone better! :) Take care sweetie!

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