A pain in the neck

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Quite literally!

My hayfever was quite bad on Monday and I pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder in a particularly big sneeze! It was bloody painful on Monday, but I could still move without crying. Yesterday, I woke up to excruciating pain, and I couldn't move my neck, head or upper torso at all! Not only that, but my head was stuck at a peculiar angle - angled towards my left shoulder and chin tilted towards my chest! Lol, sounds like a bad sitcom, doesn't it?!

Imagine the difficulty I had trying to manoeuvre my body out of bed from a lying down position to a sitting one! It literally took me 20 minutes, and crying with pain. It was too painful to sit at a computer, so I called in sick. I think I spent the rest of the morning attempting to get dressed and brush my teeth - no small feat when every little movement bring tears to your eyes. As for the unruly afro curls - I had to leave them as they were, because there was no way I could move my arms that far up to do anything about them!

I had no idea how much one muscle could affect movement! To view anything on any level other than eye-level, I had to more my entire body to that level. Spitting out toothpaste was a pain! I automatically went and stood on the scales, until I realised that there was no point, as I couldn't bend my neck to see the result anyway! Lol..

I've got a bit more movement back, many ibuprofen tablets later, and much less pain, thank goodness! I can even type and use a mouse if I sit right back in the chair so my neck and back are supported. Thanks goodness, because there's so much to be done!
Well, that's what I've been upto so far this week. What about you?

Closed for lunch - Back in 5 minutes

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I know I’ve neglected my blog of late, sorry little blog. I miss blogging, but I’ve been having a bad patch in terms of energy with the ME/CFS lately, especially with concentration, and I have to choose between work and play.

My ‘bad patches’, better known as relapses, aren’t as bad as they used to be. Since I’ve been attending the CFS course at the hospital, I’ve implemented lots of little changes in everyday life, such as daily exercises. Now I know how to recognise and manage my symptoms better, my bad patches aren’t a complete ‘crash’, i.e. I’m not holed up in bed for 2 weeks. I’m still in pain, exhausted, tired and all the rest, but life can still go on, albeit more slowly, which is a blessing. That’s the idea of pacing therapy – knowing how to stabilise the peaks and troughs of energy, so that the lows aren’t as low. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I didn’t mean to warble on, but I just wanted to blog something, however small, so that my little blog, and all you lovely bloggers, know that I haven’t forgotten you. I had a lovely birthday 2 weekends ago, and I shall try and post photos soon. Thanks for all your birthday messages though, they put a great big smile on my face :D see?

Hope you’re all well, I shall be back soon.

Love Pandy