Trust me, I’m a doctor; and other random things

By panda_eyed

I’m sorry I haven’t been around a great deal recently, it’s been busier at work and I’m still not feeling all that great. I did jot down a blog entry yesterday, but never got round to blogging, sowwy.. it’s a bit redundant now anyhow.

I had an appointment at the doc’s today, to discuss my test results. Apparently, all the tests that have come back so far are fine – my kidneys, my thyroid, immune system, all good. I have alpha thalassaemia, so am always borderline anaemic anyway, but they already knew that. They are still waiting on the tests for rheumatoid arthritis, but he doesn’t think it’s that. I’ve been referred to a rheumatologist anyway, who also specialises in muscle pains and chronic fatigue, so we shall have to wait and see.

Sods law, that when you can’t be bothered to shave your legs, the doc wants to examine your joints. I was very embarrassed by my stubbly trunks. *blush*

Another celeb to add to my ‘Slebs’ list - as I turned onto Cleveland Street this morning, from Great Portland Street station, I literally bumped into Ben Miller, who plays Howard in The Worst Week of My Life. He had longer hair and looked very relaxed and almost hippy-like in a stripy brown t-shirt. Nice eyes up close, surprisingly.

Ooh, totally random - last night I dreamt that I was staying in a B&B with the England footy squad, and I was offering to make them tea, but none of them took up my offer because they don’t consume caffeine (..?!). Anyway, I was talking to Stephen Gerard in the kitchen, and I found myself strangely attracted to him. For some reason, he was topless, and I was trying as hard as I could not to put my head on his chest and inhale, because he smelt gorgeous! Try as I might, I couldn’t help myself, and snuggled up to him. We ended up kissing, even though I was well aware that he has a wife and kids back home. Then the scene changed, and I was telling my best friend all about it. LOL, how random, huh? I don’t even fancy Stephen Gerard! Perhaps it was because he scored a crucial goal last night? I do quite fancy Thierry Henry though, and some of the Italian football team. Freddy Ljungberg is quite yummy in those ads too!


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  1. Olivia 2:03 pm, June 21, 2006
    ROTFL - stubbly trunks, hehe!

    Oh dear, you have alpha thalassemia, does that mean you are a carrier? My mother is of beta thal. and is always a bit anaemic, but I can never remember if I am or not...maybe not cos they always say my blood work is fine.

    I say, you are pretty bold with the guys in your dreams! What fun! Maybe it was because Gerard scored a goal. Wish hard enough for it all day today, and maybe you will be rewarded with Thierry tonight ;)

    I passed Don Warrington (posh black fellow on Man Child, Rising Damp) on SJW High Street last week.

    That same day I saw another Sleb trying on tops at Muji on Tottenham Court Road. I cannot remember what he was in or what he does, but he is a bit posh too, sort of colonial-style. Haha, oh yes he was in safari colours!
  2. Boso 2:48 pm, June 21, 2006
    Hey, I hope you get better soon.

    I've seen a few 'slebs' myself, I saw Brenda off the Xfactor ON THE TUBE at Paddington a while ago.
  3. panda_eyed 3:06 pm, June 21, 2006
    Hey Liv,
    I had that last thing - figured out later that it was Neil Pearson, but for months, I couldn't put a name to the face!

    Yes I am rather bold in my dreams aren't I? I think it's because I'm making up for being shy in real life! I would never even dream of doing any of the stuff that occurs in my dreams in reality! :)

    Alpha Thal is different to beta Thal - It occurs on the alpha hemoglobin, rather than beta, and is a lot less severe. Alpha thal varies in 3 stages of severity - carrier (no symptoms), trait(some anaemia and tiredness), and fatal at birth. I'm trait. I largely have no probs from it, apart from occasional tiredness. But yes, thalassaemia is very common in Greeks and South-asians. My cousin has beta thal major, and has to have blood transfusions every week, have iron chelation drugs pumped into her almost as often, and has a whole host of probs. Poor mite. At some stage she'll have to have a bone marrow transplant or she won't live past 20.
  4. panda_eyed 3:07 pm, June 21, 2006
    Hey Boso, thanks matey. I loved Brenda! I wanted her to win. I think she's starring in Chicago now, isn't she? As Mama Morton? I could be wrong. Hope the move is going okay xx
  5. Youngmum 3:19 pm, June 21, 2006
    Hey Panda!!
    Stubbly trunks hu? Well how about this... years ago when hubby and I first started dating he bought me a "sweedish massage". I had never in my life had any kind of rub down so off I go with very very "stubbly trunks" and when I get there I find out that this is not just a back rub but a FULL body massage. With special attention placed on your LEGS!!!!!
    I was horrified the poor lady spent 40 min. rubbing my hairy legs.
    I have never seen a famous person, you've seen alot...lucky you!!
  6. panda_eyed 4:32 pm, June 21, 2006
    Youngmummy - LOL! You make me giggle! I'd guess that she's probably seen worse, and we're both just being paranoid. We should be PROUD of the body hair we're born with! Just look at Julia Roberts.. :)
  7. Olivia 5:29 pm, June 21, 2006
    Oh poo, well I don't remember which one it is. She used to get regular iron injections back in the 70s which her body couldn't absorb but it's not as if the NHS cared, so when we moved to the US, the doc put her on Folic Acid instead which is just as good for carrying oxygen on the hemoglobin.

    Must say my Mum has heaps more energy than I do, but that's prob coz of my autonomic nervous system thing, rather than thal.
  8. Jia Li 6:27 pm, June 21, 2006
    thats my kind of dream...footie
  9. panda_eyed 10:12 am, June 22, 2006
    Liv, iron injections sound dodgy! I'm not surprised her body couldn't absorb it cos thal is different from iron defiency anaemia, in fact, beta thal sufferers have iron overload and need to get RID of iron. Maybe they didn't know so much about it back then? Your poor mummy..

    Jia - You know it ;)
  10. feathers 1:11 pm, June 22, 2006
    no selebs up north, at least not where I live, I do see David Bellamy quite a lot when I take my kids to Hamsterly Forest.
  11. panda_eyed 2:16 pm, June 22, 2006
    Hey Feather, I see you've made a new home on p27. I wondered where you'd gone!
    I had to google David Bellamy.. LOL @ Hamsterly Forest - what a great name! In my mind, there's lots of hamsters and hamster-shaped shrubs there. *giggles*
  12. Seema 3:55 pm, June 22, 2006
    MMmmmmmm Footballers....bring 'em on! RRRoooaawwww!
  13. panda_eyed 5:18 pm, June 22, 2006
    Uh huh! I did try and post some yummy pics of them, but for some reason they haven't appeared. Ngh..

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