Slebrity spotting

By panda_eyed
Reading this inspired me to think about all the famous people I’ve spotted over the years, and I thought I would jot down my own list.

So after pondering it over all afternoon, here they are. Not a very glamorous list I’m afraid, and certainly no A-listers (in fact, more D-list slebs than in one series of Celebrity Love Island) but certainly a few interesting faces.

1. Derren Brown, psychologist/illusionist, walking purposefully down Cleveland Street (near Tottenham Ct Road).
2. Neil Pearson, Richard Finch in Bridget Jones I and II and The Whistle Blower, getting off the train at Goodge Street Station, looking relaxed and holding a script.
3. Clive James, Australian author and TV presenter, walking across Waterloo Bridge, looking cold.
4. Darren Boyd, from Green Wing and Smack the Pony, in Selfridges on Oxford Street, browsing in the book department with his collars turned up and the flaps on his Russian hat pulled right down (as inconspicuous as Lily Savage, but I guess that was the point).
6. Chris Crudelli, Martial artist of Mind, Body and Kick-ass Moves, in the BBC White city building (where I did some work experience), wearing that same old black ladies coat he always does.
7. Jaime Robbie Reyne, Taj Coppin in Neighbours on the Jubilee line. We both got off at London Bridge (no I wasn’t stalking him, although I got on the escalator behind him and he has a v. nice bum!)
8. Mona Hammond , who played Blossom Jackson in Eastenders and starred in The crouches, shopping for vegetables in a grocers on Twickenham High Street.
9. Jacqueline Wilson, children’s author, came to my High School in 1997/8 to give a talk to the yr7’s. I walked past and peeked through a window.
10. Linford Christie, super athlete came into the Dixons store in Uxbridge, where I worked in my 2nd and 3rd yrs of uni, with his daughter. He looked much older. My colleague sold him an item and joked to him “Race ya to the till” which earned him a look of ‘I’ve never heard that one before’. Lol. On the same day, my mum was shopping in M+S and literally bumped into him as they were both choosing grapes – her first thought was that he was familiar and therefore must have been someone she knew, so she said “Oh, hello” whilst trying to place him. He smiled and said “Hello, how are you?” She replied “Fine, thank you”. He smiled and was at the checkout before she realised who he was. He came into the store once more after that day.
11. Robert Lindsay from My Family was also another customer in Dixons. He wore a great big hippyish white jumper and asked about printers, all the while looking grumpy.
12. Jimmy Carr, TV and Radio presenter – yet another customer – came in to look at digital cameras with his girlfriend. He was shorter than I thought and very crabby.
13. Okay okay, last customer – Shane Richie, minor actor Eastenders, was quite a regular customer. I saw him a lot around Uxbridge shopping centres too. On a slightly weirder note, in 1993, I was 10 and my family and I went to see a house (we were househunting) which turned out to be his. It was weird to see huge artistic photos of him and his now ex-wife (who is a Nolan sister) on the walls, and posters of the Musical Grease and other things lying around. I’ve been to Shane Richie’s house! Lol, not much to boast about.
14. Big Brother 1 freak, Nicola Holt in Topshop on Oxford Street, picking up armfuls of clothing.
15. BB3 idiot, Lee in the Pavilions shopping center, Uxbridge
16. Kathryn Drysdale, Louise from Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, in Euston station, buying a burger from Burger King.
17. Jay Chou, Taiwanese singer and rapper (?!) in the baggage area of Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok Airport, surrounded by police guards and screaming fans. As it happened, he was on my flight from Taiwan to HK.
18. Keith Duffy from the Irish boyband, Boyzone, and Coronation Street, walking down Oxford Street with what looked like a girl from the movie ‘Moulan Rouge’. Attention seeker.
19. Richard Mylan, actor - Coupling and The Bill, used to come into our family-owned Chip shop in Greenford before his ‘break’ into TV. He was a genuinely nice bloke and used to talk to me about his cute dog, Sally. I still have a huge crush on him… sigh, another one that got away :)
20. Ortis (Otis) Deley, from CBBC, in the shop window of Selfridges on Oxford Street. He was pretending to be a mannekin.
21. Jenny Frost, from British girl band Atomic Kitten, in Heathrow’s Terminal 4 in 2000/1
22. Michael Greco, Beppe di Marco in Eastenders, and Celebrity love island (LOL), in North Ealing. I was going past in a car – he had just gotten out of one and was wearing a too-big suit and carrying a portfolio. (Lol, looking for work?)
23. Rob Yeung from BBC3's Who would hire you? and How to get your dream job. Again, I was doing work experience at the BBC and was asked to go on location, not knowing I would be in front of the camera. I appeared in episode 7 of HTGYDJ, participating in a team-building exercise.
24. Sid Owen, aka Rickaaay from Eastenders, in Paris’s Charles de Gaulles airport, looking at top shelf magazines whilst waiting for his flight, He's just as gross in real life as on TV.
25. Richard Ayoade, Moss from The IT Crowd, Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place, Nathan Barley and Mighty Boosh, outside the loos in Wimbledon new theatre at the Mighty Boosh Live. He had short hair and is, in fact, extremely cute… sigh… Also met him when the cast of Garth Marenghi filmed a scene inside our family chip shop.
26. Comedienne Gina Yashere standing outside Piccadilly Circus station. The friend I was with went up to her and embarrassingly said, “Excuse me, but do I know you? Aren’t you from my church?” Despite lots of “No”s from the poor woman, she kept on saying “I know you from somewhere…” and naming locations. We almost had to drag her off. Cringe.
27. Aggie MacKenzie from How clean is your house? (the one with the glasses) in Debenhams in Birmingham, shopping for clothes.
28. Ainslie Harriet, celebrity twat, sorry - chef, and presenter of Ready Steady Cook, buying bags of toys and gadgets in The Gadget Shop, Oxford Street.

Looking at this list, it tells you quite a bit about me – where I spend my time, past jobs, and disturbingly, the amount of trashy TV that I watch and absorb. Quite a lot of Eastenders actors on there, you’ll notice, not to mention BB contestants. Oh the shame. I wonder too, how many ‘slebs’ I’ve walked past and not recognised (such as sports people – I’m not big on sports) or when I’ve not been concentrating.

Also, don’t you hate people who swoon at the sight of slebs? For crying out loud, leave them alone, they’re just normal people! Admittedly, some deserve more respect for their achievements than others.

So who have you spotted out and about?

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  1. Olivia 4:11 pm, May 12, 2006
    Hi, I'm Artmeliana from 20six, but my original blog is over here. Thanks for linking to me.

    What an interesting and varied list you have made, but then you've spent more consecutive years in the capital AND had Garth Marenghi filmed in your chip shop! Odd series, that.

    One of the other 20sixers said she saw Derren Brown on Regent Street looking very pleased with himself (unsurprisingly, considering the power he wields!).

    On that hot Thursday last week, coming out of Bond Street station, I bumped into Marc Warren (from Hustler) in a white linen shirt, in intense conversation with a curly haired chap whose face I missed.

    I think with a lot of celebs, we can name them right away on TV, but when we spot some on the street, especially because they're slightly less famous, we can't place them exactly, and just get that nagging feeling of seeing someone a bit familiar.

    On the other hand, were you to see Gwyneth Paltrow the aura would be unmistakeable.

    "Race ya to the till" was very amusing, LOL!
  2. panda_eyed 5:08 pm, May 15, 2006
    Oh I love Hustle! < sighs > I would have preferred to have seen Adrian Lester though... mmm that velvety voice!
    Yep, Garth Marenghi was certainly weird, and the only reason I watched it was to catch a glimpse of the shop - sods law, was the last episode!
  3. Dr Rob Yeung 10:00 am, June 30, 2006
    So I'm officially a D-list celebrity? Hurrah - a promotion of sorts...
  4. panda_eyed 10:51 am, June 30, 2006
    Lol, oh my gosh, how embarrassed am I, now? D list or not, your advice is valued at our house! *hides* :)
  5. Dr Rob Yeung 11:13 pm, June 30, 2006
    Don't worry about it - I have never considered myself a celebrity, merely a consultant and psychologist who was lucky enough to front a TV programme.

    And if it's advice you're after, well, I've started my own blog to tout just that - advice.

    See y'around!
  6. Anonymous 1:44 pm, December 15, 2006
    Excellent, love it!

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