Sad news - Boris &'Tache

By panda_eyed

(..This blog carries on from the one before.)

On Wednesday evening, I came home to discover that Tache had escaped from his cage. I couldn’t see how, as the door was still shut, and there weren’t any holes. I caught him and out him back in. On further inspection, I couldn’t see Boris in her cage either, and was perplexed as I couldn’t see how she had escaped either. After searching for her for a while, I discovered that she was in the cage after all – her little body was shrivelled up and contorted, as if in pain. She had passed away fairly recently, because rigor mortis hadn’t properly set in (takes an hour or so in rodents). We buried her yesterday. I was sad. So, it seemed, was Tache – he didn’t even come out for a run that night.

Yesterday, I discovered how Tache had escaped on Wednesday. He had done his acrobatic trick of climbing to the roof of the cage, and then squeezed through the bars at the top, because he’s so small. I found this out because, yesterday, I walked in to find that he had squeezed his head through, then slipped or gotten stuck, and he was literally hanging from the bars by his neck. He was barely still alive, and in a panic, I pulled him out, and held him in my hand, praying that he’d come around. He was all limp, and his eyes were half closed. I was almost crying because I thought he was going to die, right there in my hand. 10 minutes later and he had started moving again, so I put him back in his cage, where he stumbled back into his little house. I think he may have been starved of oxygen and incurred some brain damage, as his movements were like those of a stroke victim. He hasn’t emerged since, so we shall just have to hope and pray that he is okay, otherwise, he might have to be put down. My poor baby boy.. I’m so very very sad.

I have yet to break the news to Sez – I know she’ll be upset. With Boris, it wasn’t such a surprise – the poor thing has lived through some terrible things, and we knew she wasn’t too well. But for this to happen to Tache, just 24 hours later is a bit too much for me. I didn’t expect to get so attached to the little monsters when I adopted them in March, and never expected to feel so upset by this.

The way I found him, so shortly after his sister’s death – it kind of makes me think he was trying to commit suicide. I know it sounds silly, but he has seemed very depressed since Boris died. I don’t think it will be too long now before he loses the will to live either. After Boris and Tache, and my previous hamster dying in the New Year, I don’t think I could possibly have any more pets. It hurts too much when they pass away. Please everyone cross fingers for Tachie..


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  1. panda_eyed 2:58 pm, August 04, 2006
    Well, I did it - I emailed Sez :(
  2. Olivia 5:14 pm, August 04, 2006
    Ah, now your comments work.

    So sorry about boris - little pets often seem to suffer, poor mites.

    I wonder what Sez will say.
  3. Flighty 5:15 pm, August 04, 2006
    It's always sad when pets pass away. We nearly always say we won't get more but after a while we invariably do. Looking back I don't think that I've ever regretted having pets regardless of the sadness each time that happens.
  4. Jia Li 6:08 pm, August 04, 2006
    crossing fingers! I feel so sad for u, if smokie died I be sad too
  5. Boso 6:46 pm, August 04, 2006
    Wow, that's sad news indeed. I hope Tache gets better. Sez will be gutted, that poor boris has been through a lot.
  6. panda_eyed 11:37 am, August 07, 2006
    Liv, I wonder too. I feel awful.

    Hi Flighty, I don't regret having pets either - they have made life cheerier and brought a smile. I think maybe it's time for a pet that has a longer lifespan than 2 years now though. A kitty perhaps.

    Thanks Jia. You can uncross them now though - Tachie died on Saturday. :,( I really hope he didn't suffer

    Hey Boso, yeah Boris was a survivor. The two of them within 2 days - I guess Tache was heartbroken. *sobs*

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