Introducing the furballs..

By panda_eyed
I haven't blogged for a while, because I haven't really had anything positive to blog about. Feeling a bit low at the mo' and didn't want to inflict my mood on anyone else. So, in the absence of anything else, I thought I'd introduce you to my hamsters.

This pic of my little boy sums my current mood up perfectly. This is when I've woken him up and he's very grumpy with me - Meet the lovely little 'Tache:

'Tachey (pronounced Tashy) takes a while to get out of the grumps after he's woken up. He loves to eat and he's gotten tame enough to sit on my hand and have his dinner. Once in a while, he likes to show off his amazing acrobatic skills by scaling to the roof of his cage, and doing a back-flip off it and into his food bowl! I have yet to catch this on camera, but when I do, you will be the first to see it! He is very curious, and if I let him, will wonder around the room sniffing and investigating things. He's very good though and doesn't hide from me, so I can put him back into his cage easily. He is a very clean little boy, and will sit and groom for half an hour after he's woken up, licking himself allll over, and giving himself a little mohican in the process!

He has a 3-legged sis called Boris who can only run in circles because she has a benign ear tumour. She lost her leg in a freak wheel accident when she was younger. She will eat off my hand too, but if she's grumpy - she will give me a nip, so I don't do this too often! She likes to run round and round her food bowl. I dont think she actually knows she's running in a circle, bless her. We have a sisterly bond, and she will often just sit and watch me, quite peacefully. Boris isn't much of an eater, but she does like her fruit.

If you're wondering about their names - I didn't name them - I adopted them! The girl who had them originally thought they were sisters... until Boris had babies! They live in separate cages now, next to each other, so they can still say hello and have a chat.

They are lovely and cheer me up when I'm a bit low. 'Tache's antics, especially! He is a bit of a character! The hamsties say hello! *wave little paws*

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  1. Olivia 11:03 pm, July 25, 2006
    Boris sounds familiar - did you adopt them from Sez?
  2. Olivia 11:05 pm, July 25, 2006
    Sory you're feeling low - I wish we could post piccies on Blogger.

    But here's a *t???* damn i've forgotte n the word...
  3. Olivia 11:06 pm, July 25, 2006
    TUDDLE, that's it!

    Have another tuddle for me forgetting.
  4. Olivia 11:09 pm, July 25, 2006
    (I wanted them, but landlady said no pets)


    I need, absolutely need, a snuggle with a bunny rabbit.
  5. amillionpieces 11:09 pm, July 25, 2006
    Oooh, yes, I was going to ask the Sez question tooo!
  6. panda_eyed 10:00 am, July 26, 2006
    Yes Liv and Pieces, I adopted them from Sez - we were flatmates at uni :D small world huh??

    Thanks for the tuddle Liv, lol. Hamsters are no good for tuddling - they are too small and escapey. In the absence of your bunny, here's a snuggle from a panda - is that as good?
  7. Seema 11:19 am, July 26, 2006
    Big pandy tuddles! Hope you cheer up soon lovely, I like a happy Pandy! I like the pic of the grumpy furball! So cute...
  8. Jia Li 12:48 pm, July 26, 2006
    awwwwwwwwwww, cutie things!
  9. Jia Li 12:48 pm, July 26, 2006
    Can I get some tuddles too?
  10. Jia Li 12:49 pm, July 26, 2006
    I give everyone tuddles, it a cold and wet day here, blah
  11. panda_eyed 1:03 pm, July 26, 2006
    Yay! Fanx Seema. Tuddles all round!

    Jia, of course you can have a tuddle! Ready..? :) Hope the day brightens up soon. It's too hot here!
  12. Boso 1:59 pm, July 26, 2006
    Wow, you were roommates with Sez? I never knew !! So Boris is still alive? Nice....say hi to him for me !!
  13. panda_eyed 2:07 pm, July 26, 2006
    Boso, we lived in halls together in our final yr. I never knew she was so popular! :)
    Boris is still live and kicking - SHE is a little survivor!
  14. UDMJA 3:17 pm, July 26, 2006
    awww cute little ones :) I think I'd be too scared of them running off to hold or have one... and then theres my freak phobia to mice LoL I've NEVER jumped so high. Feel better, the world isnt that bad :)
  15. amillionpieces 7:54 pm, July 26, 2006
    Woah, it is such the small world! Crazy.
  16. Olivia 12:21 am, July 27, 2006
    Wow, small world indeed.

    Gosh look at the time, I need to get some sleep!

    Nite nite.
  17. henk 12:21 am, July 27, 2006
    Hello Hamsties! *waves*
    My mummy knows Sez too! She says he has a long overdue letter to send her in Hostralia to say hello. How strange that you know her, I must run and tell mummy, she'll be really surprised and pleased!
  18. Youngmum 4:26 am, July 27, 2006
    Hi Panda *waves*. I am sorry you are feeling a bit down. Your little friends are priceless. I just want to cuddle them.
    We used to have a guinea pig named Coco, he was our baby but sadly he passed away a year ago, when left in the care of my dear hubby. (I went on holiday and the reason for his death is still under investigation ;o)
    Anyways, would a little story about your internet adopted niece's cheer you up?
    Today we put together Allie's exersaucer and put her in it for the first time. Well Ella thought this was fabulous and decided to "show" Allie how to use all the neat toys on it. Except in her excitment she forgot that Allie is still so small and was screaming rite in her face telling her how to use each thing. Poor Allie was terrified and there is a good chance we may never get her back in it again ;o)
    Crazy kid....
  19. panda_eyed 1:17 pm, July 27, 2006
    Lol, UDMJA, what could tiny little rodents do to you..? Actually, having said that, I'm terrified of spiders, so okay, you can have that one :)

    Pieces, it is. My daddy manages to bump into a collague no matter where in the world he is, which proves it!

    Livvy, I hope you got enough sleep! You'll be tired on holiday otherwise. I hope you have a wicked time! x

    Henk, the hamsties wave back! :) They tell you to tell your mummy that they miss Sez a lot and wishes she would visit!

    *waves back at youngmummy* :O what did hubby do to the poor guinea pig..?? Lol. I had the same experience when I left my previous hamster with a friend! I couldn't help wondering what she had done to it!
    Your story made me giggle! I love hearing about my 'net adopted nieces! Can't believe how quickly they are both growing up! Give them kisses from me! Mwah!
  20. youngmummy 4:39 am, July 28, 2006
    *kisses both girls for Panda*
    I don't know what he did to the poor little thing. All I know is when I left he was perfectly fine. Running around like a happy soul.
    Than two days befor I came home I got the phone call.... very tragic.

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