Hamster heaven

By panda_eyed
Thanks to all you guys who were rooting for little Tachie. Unfortunately, he passed away on Saturday.

For a while, I was hopeful that he was going to be okay – on Friday he came out and ate on my hand. He still didn’t seem himself – his walking wasn’t too stable, and he didn’t run in his wheel at all, but I thought that would pass. When I went to check on him on Saturday, I could sense he had died as soon as I walked into the room.

With Boris, I was sad and shocked, but she has never been that healthy, and I guess it wasn’t a huge surprise. Tache though, has always been active, happy, healthy and inquisitive. Ever since his ‘accident’, I knew that there was a chance that he might not be okay, but had tried not to think about it.

When I found him, I didn’t feel that sad – just resigned to it. I busied myself with finding a nice box to put him in, cleaning his cage out, thinking about where to bury him. And then all of a sudden, I found myself sobbing. I had gotten so attached to the little thing, and the thought that he had lived for 2 days (possibly in a lot of pain) after his accident, or that he was heartbroken over his sister, made me soo sad. Perhaps it would have been better if he had died in my hand that day, instead of having to endure 2 more days of pain.

That night, I cried for Tache, for Boris, and for Pebby (my tame-as-a-dog hamster that died at the New Year). The very thought that my nieces, who last week were so enthralled by the two little hamsties, and who are coming back on Thursday, made me blub even more. What will I tell them when they ask where the furries have gone? I can’t bear to disappoint them like that.

Ironically, I did manage to get that video of Tache doing his acrobatic trick - see here. (Thanks Jia, for the tip). It's really bad quality on there for some reason - but looks fine elsewhere. Ah well, you get the idea.

I buried Tache yesterday, next to boris, in the back garden. I like to think that they're running on hamster wheels, eating all their favourite foods, and looking down on their children from hamster heaven..

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  1. Boso 1:47 pm, August 07, 2006
    What a shame. May his little soul rest in peace.
  2. Jia Li 2:39 pm, August 07, 2006

    ooh that made me cry


    oh lil bitty hamies...maybe they are up in hamster heaven running on their wheels and moshing on snacks
  3. Jia Li 2:39 pm, August 07, 2006
    and try youtube?
  4. Sioned 2:50 pm, August 07, 2006
    I am so sorry... I am so heartbroken for you to have to go through that. It is so hard when a pet dies. They become such a part of your life. Let me know if you need anything, ok?
  5. Olivia 3:22 pm, August 07, 2006
    Oh poor chickie.
    At least you didn't have too many days of worry.

    Yet we keep attaching our hearts to these little creatures who leave us all too soon. Ah well, but when they are with us they give us such joy, it is worth it. The memories endure.

    And so Tachie and Boris and Pebby are all happlily whirring around in the Big Wheel in the Sky.


  6. panda_eyed 3:48 pm, August 07, 2006
    Thanks Boso x

    Jia, don't cry - I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! *passes tissue* Thanks for the tip btw - can you make out the hammie flip trick?

    Aww thanks Sioned, you're too sweet. They really were a part of my life, those small furry things.

    Liv, thanks for tuddles :) I'm silly huh - hamster heaven! I have 4 hamsters, 2 mice and 1 budgie buried in the back garden - it's a bit of a mass grave now!
  7. Olivia 4:26 pm, August 07, 2006
    Oh poo, me silly too, so no worries :P

    We had our rabbits cremated at the vet, wrapped in their favourite towel and a shoebox - sounds unromantic, but it's so sweet when the vet actually checks to make sure. But the birds are buried - always in the same area.
  8. Jia Li 10:51 pm, August 07, 2006
    aww when Copper my bassett hound died we placed her in a box and buried her at her favourite beach

    tx for the tissue...but I loves animals...

    I'm going to watch a Sappy K drama..they always make me feel better
  9. Youngmummy 4:20 am, August 08, 2006
    *rushes into the room* Panda I'm here, I am so sorry I am late, I was out of town.
    Come here honey *gives BIG GIANT HUG*
    So sorry *sob* about your little friend.
    That is heartbreaking.
    Let me know if you need anything sweetie!!
  10. Olivia 10:22 pm, August 08, 2006
    You ok Pandy?
    Just busy, I hope, and not sad...
  11. panda_eyed 9:54 am, August 09, 2006
    I'm okay, thanks Liv, yep very busy, and also very very tired and feeling a bit ill at the mo, which makes it hard to do anything. I'm around though, will fill you guys in later xx

    Aww Youngmummy, that was a very comforting hug *feels all warm* :) Thanks lovely - you're the best! xx
  12. Anonymous 6:34 pm, June 07, 2008
    my little baby is lieing on the ground lifting her head up and down i feel sorry for my sister because it's her hamstre and she is her life
    bless her little soul but i say just think of happy times and you will come around.xx
  13. Anonymous 6:35 pm, June 07, 2008
    my little baby is lieing on the ground lifting her head up and down i feel sorry for my sister because it's her hamstre and she is her life
    bless her little soul but i say just think of happy times and you will come around.xx

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