By panda_eyed
I think this picture sums up how I feel today - slightly drugged up and weird, but happy! I am on antib's and painkillers, which explains it!

This is a picture I took in a pet market in Taiwan in Dec 2005. Cute little thing, isn't he? If there weren't so many travel regulations on taking pets into the UK, I might have bought the entire market home with me!

I had a good weekend - went down to Westbury in Wiltshire and had a big family barbecue. I spent some time with my old granny, that was nice. My mum has 6 siblings (as does my dad), so there were dozens of children of all ages running around the place. I love them all but I was relieved to come home again!

You learn all sorts of things from being around kids. This visit's lesson was: The most angelic looking one's are the naughtiest! Don't be fooled by those big puppy dog eyes. I also learnt that the tooth fairy can be very forgetful sometimes, as she forgot to leave money when Tiffany's tooth fell out and Tiff had to write her a note (lol, her mummy forgot, bless her!).

Remember the slebs blog I did ages ago? Number 23 on my list left me a comment! I was a bit embarrassed because I refered to him as D-list.. oops, sorry Rob. Anyway, he has his own blog now, and gives quite good advice on jobs/interviews and that kind of thing, so drop by if you're interested. That is my way of redeeming myself btw.. :)

I hope all you lovely people are fine and well?

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  1. sammyface 1:09 pm, July 05, 2006
    i love that little dog! how did you not bring it home with you??
  2. panda_eyed 1:26 pm, July 05, 2006
    I had to be restrained! Otherwise I would have!
  3. Jia Li 1:36 pm, July 05, 2006
    I love that wee lil dog, it reminds me of the pet markets in Changchun(northern China), I could never go in, I always wanted to take them all home
  4. Boso 1:43 pm, July 05, 2006
    Lol, that will teach you to talk about 'slebs' carelessly on your blog. Now your blog has become a 'sleb' magnet, what next?
  5. panda_eyed 2:09 pm, July 05, 2006
    Jia, me too, they were all so cute. I have loads of pics from there, might post em another time

    Lol Boso, what next indeed! Lol my blog is a sleb magnet, teehee..
  6. feathers 3:51 pm, July 05, 2006
    I would have got the dog. Very cute. How nice of that chap to stop by and leave a comment. I think that is pretty cool. Oh and I recognise him, very unusual for me!
  7. panda_eyed 4:59 pm, July 05, 2006
    Feather, it was, wasn't it? I was surprised :) Nice to see you're back ;)
  8. Olivia 11:15 am, July 06, 2006
    Ooh I've never heard of Rob Yeung, but I will definitely check out his site.

    *stil slightly jealous of your bbq*
  9. panda_eyed 2:00 pm, July 06, 2006
    Mmm.. those chicken wings.. satay prawns.. *salivates* Teehee..
  10. henk 8:57 pm, July 06, 2006
    I just left Dr Rob a comment asking him to help my daddy but I don't know if he will, he might not take my request seriously as I'm a bear. I hope he does!
    That dog is still bigger than me and everyone is saying how small it is! Gosh I must be a little bear, but I have a big raar - RAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR! Yay!
  11. Olivia 10:53 pm, July 06, 2006
    *hears henk rarrr*
    *knees knock*
  12. youngmummy 2:26 am, July 07, 2006
    Hi Panda!! That dog is so stinking cute...I want one....
    That is so funny about the seleb. My hubby is forever telling me to beware of what I write in my posts... ;o)
    Hope your doing well honey!!
  13. panda_eyed 11:10 am, July 07, 2006
    For a little bear, you have a very scary roar, Henk! I almost fell off my chair! I hope Dr Rob had some good advice for Daddy!

    Lol @ Liv, I had the same reaction :)

    Yay Youngmummy, you're back! :D Did you have a fabulous time? I'm great, honey - thanks! Btw, I'm always wary of what I write too - I know of someone who was fired from work because she wrote some stuff about people she worked with (despite not mentioning names!)!

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