Time to count my blessings

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It's been a long, hard week. I am still sad, but one thing that I have learned this week is how utterly brilliant my friends and family are. I really am blessed with the bestest friends anyone could ask for - you know who you are. Bloggers too - thank you for taking the time to leave messages of support. They help more than you know. Thank you all...

I have been hibernating and hiding away this week. I just couldn't face seeing anyone. I didn't think I would be able to hold my head up and not cry when asked about the trip that I've been talking about and looking forward to for 6 months now. I cancelled my holiday leave from work, refunded my airline ticket, and have thrown away the list of things to pack. Sometimes you just need time to cry and feel sorry for yourself, and that's what I've been doing. But now, I am determined to get up and carry on. The world doesn't stop spinning, and I'm certainly not the first to have my heart broken. It may be hard to smile at first, but I know that the more I force myself to, the easier it will eventually become to smile for real. And besides, I have so many wonderful people in my life to help me along.

I have had several causes to truly smile this week, and here are some of them:

Fabulous Divastar sent me a 'care pack' - a lovely parcel of items to pamper myself with. Look! There was a lot of chocolate too, which I have to confess I ate in one go before I even thought to get the camera out (yes, I'm a piggy):

My lovely sister made me this terrific card, just to let me know that she's thinking of me. I don't know if you can tell, but it's made up of bits cut out of magazines and tiny little stickers we picked up in Hong Kong:
And then these websites never fail to put a smile back on my face (click the pics):

A massive thank you to everyone who has sent me messages of support - I love you all very much. You remind me that I have so much to be thankful for.

By the way, it's Divastar's birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Anonymous 7:42 pm, February 06, 2009
    You know where to find a Pea when you need one...I'm always on the end of a phone if I'm not home.

    Take care missy, see you soon.

    Love n cuddles xxx
  2. Olivia 9:09 pm, February 06, 2009
    Awww it was lovely of Diva to send the care package.

    I am all worried about one of your pressies this weekend though...still open it coz it's cute and you will need it eventually, just not for the reason stated in my note...you'll see.

    I love the idea of the Scottish Fold's ears popping out! Hehe, those are hilarious kitties.

    Love you Pandycakes.

  3. Flighty 4:11 pm, February 08, 2009
    Good for you Pandy! Life is full of ups and downs unfortunately but it goes on regardless. Having a positive outlook like this will stand you in good stead.
    Take care and stay warm! xx
  4. Anonymous 4:31 pm, February 10, 2009
    Oh bummocks! This thing just lost my comment! *huff* Ok I think I can remember most of it...
    Sorry I'm late thanking you for this fabulous post! I can tell I'm a massive piggie because I've overloaded on delicious cake all weekend and yet when I see the one you've blogged I find myself wanting a slice! LOL
    You are such a strong and inspirational star and are doing so well sugar *massive huggles*
    Love you loads Channy Chan Chanster xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. panda_eyed 7:54 pm, February 15, 2009
    Pea, thank you girly. You've been wkd lately. Thanks for lending me an ear and a tissue countless times.. xxx

    Livs, you are such a sweetie. The pressie was perfect and so thoughful of you - thank you. All the gifts were, in fact! Thank you so much! Love you too Livsypops xxx

    Flighty, thank you for your continued support! Your comments always bring me a smile :) I hope you're staying warm too! xxx

    Divababes, you are an angel. Thank you so much for putting up with my tears and giving me encouragement when I've been at my lowest. You are more of an inspiration to me than you realise. Love you lots xxx
  6. Yo Momma 5:51 am, February 18, 2009
    Goodness I haven't been on your blog in a while. I'm so sorry this happened and you're right, you do deserve a little boo hoo time. There is nothing wrong with that! But lookit all the love and support you're getting - I think that's so awesome.
  7. panda_eyed 1:03 pm, February 18, 2009
    Laine, that's very true - I have realised how utterly brilliant the people are around me are. Thanks sweetie xx

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