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... eating Hula Hoops off my fingers. I feel 5 again -- it's brilliant!

Am going in search of KitKats so I can eat the chocolate off them before I get to the wafer.

What do you miss about being little?

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  1. Anonymous 7:11 pm, February 16, 2009
    I miss playing without worrying about responsibilities. How are you doing, Pandy?
  2. panda_eyed 11:24 pm, February 16, 2009
    Nikki, me too! I used to spend hours just cycling around the yard and playing with the neighbours' dogs.

    I'm doing okay, thanks. Just taking it day by day and trying to leave myself too much time to think. Hope you're okay too!
  3. panda_eyed 11:24 pm, February 16, 2009
    I meant NOT trying to leave myself too much time to think... obviously... lol... I'm so rubbish!
  4. PinkPanther 4:50 am, February 17, 2009
    I miss playing my "Barbie Doll" and kite-flying.

    Don't think too much Panda_eyed, try to keep you busy.
  5. Ames 11:54 am, February 17, 2009
    Swings..seriously my butt is too big to fit on them now without it really hurting...and curly wurlies..they really aren't as big as they used to.xx
  6. panda_eyed 12:57 pm, February 17, 2009
    PinkP, I was really gullible as a child and agreed to cut all the hair off my doll because my evil little friend convinced me that it would grow back! Hehe..
    Yep, am keeping busy, thanks lovely! xxx

    Ames, I SO miss swings too! When I was 16, I broke the one that used to be in our back garden - properly cracked the seat in half!
    I also miss penny sweets - I'd feel silly going to buy them now!
  7. Ames 1:15 pm, February 17, 2009
    Lol. Thankfully park swings are more sturdy as otherwise I would've done the same thing when I went on some swings a year ago!!

    Ooh I used to love geting penny sweets!! I don't know where they sell them now plus there is no Woolies to get pick 'n' mix either..I did used to feel silly getting that though as I would have to fight over the gummi rings with small children. Street cred ruined ;) Love you
  8. Anonymous 7:59 pm, February 17, 2009
    Endless energy! :o) Oh and what Nikki said too ;o)
    Right, you guys have to come over ad we'll take Lincs to the park and go on the swings!!! Obviously I won't go on them for fear they'll bend and break completely, but I'll have fun pushing Lincy on the baby ones while you girls relive your recent youth ;oD Love you sweetie!
  9. Yo Momma 5:48 am, February 18, 2009
    what are hula hoops??? I miss mud pies. I used to make excellent mud pies with creative dust sprinkles on top.
  10. panda_eyed 12:58 pm, February 18, 2009
    Amesy, I know! I miss pick 'n' mix! I think you can still get it at the cinema but its ridiculously expensive there :\

    Diva, I miss that too! Although with the way my CFS has been in the last week, just plain old energy would be good actually! Ooh, I'm loving the park & swings idea! We'll so do that next time! :D

    YM, Hula Hoops are ring-shaped potato chips! I don't know what the US equivalent would be..
    It's weird, but after your mud pie comment, I'm reeeally craving some chocolate pie..

  11. Olivia 4:17 pm, February 18, 2009
    Didn't you just hate when eating them off your fingers, you'd suddenly bite too hard and hurt yourself? I know I did!

  12. beginninghere 1:00 am, February 19, 2009
    I miss my mom's cooking, my dad reading us stories, and being able to see my grandparents. Hi Pandy!
  13. panda_eyed 12:18 am, February 20, 2009
    Livs, yes! Ouch! I was a really clumsy kid - looks like you were too! ;)

    Hello beginninghere! I miss the storytelling too. There were 2 or 3 diehard faves I had that I would demand to be repeated time and time again. I think my parents got very sick of them! :)


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