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I'm not having a great week in terms of ME/CFS symptoms, but I'm trying my best not to let it affect my life and my mood. It hasn't been difficult to raise a smile this week, and here's why:

  • A Valentine's card from my "big black man, woof woof" from the lovely B [Divastar's doggy], despite the poor puppy being so sick this week. Get well soon, B!
  • A parcel and a postcard for Munch, also from B (isn't he generous and thoughtful? Aww!). Thank you lovely! Munch is so chuffed! :)
  • These gorgeous flowers (one of my all time faves):
  • Looking forward to spending the weekend with some good friends, whilst getting as much rest in as possible, of course!

Hope you all have a great weekend. Be good, or not ;)



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  1. Anonymous 2:36 pm, February 15, 2008
    Nice flowers! Have a good, and relaxing, weekend. I'll be as good as I always am! Flighty xx
  2. panda_eyed 3:04 pm, February 15, 2008
    Thanks Flighty! You have a lovely one too! I'm definitely going to be naughty and have some big fat chips after reading your blog :) xxx
  3. Anonymous 4:16 pm, February 15, 2008
    Those tulips are fabulous, Pandy! I'm sorry to hear you're fighting the CF symptoms, but hopefully you'll get rested.
  4. panda_eyed 4:26 pm, February 15, 2008
    Nikki, aren't they just? :)
    Thanks sweetie, I hope you have a fabulous weekend xxx
  5. Anonymous 5:39 pm, February 15, 2008
    Fab pic's and extreamly thoughtful gifts. That puppers is the greatest. I too got flowers but not for valentine's day. I got them on sunday and just because. Ooooooo, I too should take a pic and post them. That'll be my mission for this weekend.

    Have a fab one honey!
  6. panda_eyed 7:55 pm, February 15, 2008
    MM, he really is the greatest :)
    Aww, flowers just because is sooo sweet. Yep, do take a pic! Have a lovely weekend! xxx
  7. Yo Momma 12:25 am, February 19, 2008
    Do they have nibble sticks for humans? they kind of sound tasty ..then again I haven't ate dinner yet so that could explain things.

    purty flowers!!!! How sweet!!
  8. panda_eyed 2:52 pm, February 19, 2008
    Nibble sticks for humans. Lainey, you being durty again? Hehe..
    I know - so chuffed with the flowers! The boy is kind :) xxx

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