Meet the Munch-ster, aka MC Hamster

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Hello, it's Munch here!

Pandy is under a duvet in front of the TV because she is ill. So after giving her a mousey kiss on the nose (just a little one, I don't want to catch anything!) I said I would fill in for her.

My full name is Munchkin-Chinese-Hamster - it really is a silly name, I don't know what Pandy was thinking, calling me MC Hamster! I suppose it does sort of make sense as I'm a Chinese hamster, I'm small, and I really do like to eat. Pandy says you're all nice people, so you can call me Munch or Munchie :)

Pandy brought me home in September 2006 and I was really really shy at first. You see, I missed my sister back at the pet shop and I was a bit frightened of the new smells and surroundings. Plus, being so small, everyone else just looks huuuge - no offence, Pandy!

So, for the first few weeks, whenever Pandy came into the room, I stood very still, like a statue. I thought that if I didn't move, she wouldn't be able to see me. Pandy laughed at me and said I was playing musical statues. We are good friends now, Pandy and me, and I'm not scared anymore because she always brings me my favourite foods everytime she comes to visit. I LOVE fruit! Pandy says I'm spoilt, but I don't think I am. My favourites are blueberries, apple, clementine, pomegranite, plum, but most of all, pineapple. I would do anything for pineapple! I just love its fleshy sweetness. I could eat it forever! That's one thing me and Pandy have in common.

I also like cooked vegetables. Pandy calls me fussy because I won't eat much of them if they're raw. She gives me carrots and green beans and broccoli and even brussel sprouts, sometimes. They make me fart. Only tiny mouse-sized ones though..

Pandy and I have chats in the evening. Sometimes I just sit and look at her for ages, especially when she sings to me. Don't tell her, but sometimes she sings out of tune.. :) I like it though. I squeak back at her a lot, and she says I'm the most vocal hamster she's ever met and she should have called me Pipsqueak instead. I am very squeaky - I just like talking to myself, that's all.

Whenever Pandy brings food, I climb up onto her hand and stuff my cheeks. Unless, it's pineapple - that I eat right then and there because it's so delicious! Sometimes Pandy lets me taste the things she's eating, like yoghurt. I like yoghurt. I lick it off the spoon and then I hop around on my back legs, hoping she'll give me more. If I give her my special big eyed look, she always gives in! I'm good at that!

I recently learnt a new trick - kissing Pandy on the nose. She always gives me great big smiles and a treat afterwards. She's funny, that girl, she likes that a lot. She scratches my head with a finger, and I don't mind that, but it does mess up my hair, and I have to fix it afterwards, tuh!

Anyway, I'm going to go and do another of mt favourite things now - running on the wheel. I can do that all night, and I mostly do. I have to keep fit you see, and burn those calories off!

It was nice meeting you!
Love from Munch *Mousey kisses*

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  1. Flighty 5:34 pm, January 25, 2008
    Hello Munch, what a brilliant entry this is and it's nice meeting you! I really like pineapple as well.
    I hope that Pandy is feeling better, and that you both have a good weekend. Take care and hugs xx
  2. daffy 7:52 pm, January 25, 2008
    Muncn! Hi this is not Daffy by the way, she is in the kitchen raiding the chocolate pot. My name is Bruce and I am not as exotic as you being Chinese and all. I am Syrian. I'm looked after by a big person called A. I live in a cage in her bedroom and I used to play the statue game with her when I first met her. :o) Now though she lets me play in a big tunnel she bought me on her bed and if she tries to put me away I lick her finger. She thinks I'm kissing her but I'm just tenderising her for the big bite! haha only joking. I only bite celery and my house and my food bowl and my wheely thing... :o)
    Oh I have to go now but choclate face in the kitchen says I have to ask you to wish Pandy a speedy recovery! Bye! *hamster waves*
  3. Anonymous 9:03 pm, January 25, 2008
    Wow, hamsters that type !! Scary stuff....
  4. Anonymous 1:23 am, January 28, 2008
    MUNCH! You look like a darling little hamster with the cutest little nose. I like your diet of fruits and vegs and that you are good at communicating to Pandy what you need. She's very well-trained - good work.
  5. PinkPanther 2:27 pm, January 28, 2008
    Hello MC-Hamster:
    It is nice to know your Profile and how lucky you have a kind host --- Panda_eyed.
    Let me tell you a poor rabbit story:
    There is a 4 yrs. little boy who lives opposite of my house, his mother bought him a cute little rabbit (with white fur of its body, only two ears has black fur). Do you how that little boy treated the rabbit?
    On one weekend, I saw him put his little hands and head into the rabbit- cage and picked up the caged small rabbit, then throw the little rabbit it into cage again. He is still laughing in the balcony because his mom stays inside the house. Huh! How naughty he is.
  6. panda_eyed 5:50 pm, January 28, 2008
    *Munch sneaks back in*

    Hello Flighty! *Shakes paws with Flighty* I'm glad you liked my entry! I hope you had a good weekend too! I spent mine running and building up my nest! xxx

    Hi Bruce (and Daffy)! It's good to meet another blogging hamster! I like biting my food bowl and wheel too - it drives Pandy up the wall (she says!). *hamster waves back!* xxx

    Hi Boso! It's not so scary, but it is hard hopping from one key to another. They really ought to make them smaller! :) xxx

    Hello Nikki, *blush* thanks for saying such nice things about me! Yep, I do have Pandy well-trained! ;) xxx

    Hi pinkpanther! Nice to meet you! That boy is horrible and shouldn't be allowed to keep pets. If I were his pet, I'd poo on him and bite him! xxx

    Btw, Pandy says she's feeling much better now, thank you! *Blows Hamster kisses* xxxxxxxxxx
  7. Wendy 9:01 am, December 26, 2008
    Hi, You all sound great, communication is all about willingness and patience, not about being the same species. Humans, after all, same species, not such good communicators sometimes. (laugh).
    Anyway, please find a nice, not-off -putting (or it will backfire) way to let the mommy know what her very young son is up to. That bunny needs help and the boy some gentle direction on how to deal safely and humanely with animals. After all, even if the mom isn't concerned with the bunny's happiness (hopefully she is, and just doesn't realize what happened/may be happening again), she surely wouldn't want her son bitten, which will happen with his behavior, either with this bunny or another animal. Sometimes little kids honestly don't get that an animal is a living, feeling being. Years ago, a girl I used to care/sit for did a very similar thing with a guinea pig at age four (the mom was beside herself with worry, for the pet and 'what does this mean, that she would hurt an animal?!'). The mom removed the animal (to another part of the house, safely out of reach)until the girl could be retaught how to interact with the animal, closely supervised, in a way respectful the the piggie's status as a living creature.
    The girl in now in college, a vegetarian (for ethical reasons), volunteering in southwest asia (India)for humane causes.
    So go in assuming the mom really cares but doesn't know, make sure you don't sound preachy or angry, mom's can be super-sensitive about their kids.
    I know this will be uncomfortable for you, but just think about how happy and grateful this bunny would be for a little gentle talk on his behalf, he can't do it for himself, and if the mom has hopes of the bunny and her son been buddies, something will have to change. You are in a great position to really help affect this captive animal's life in a permanent, meaningful way.
    Okay, sorry if I am being pushy or preachy myself, my heart goes out to the bunny, and other potential pets for this kid. Well-handled, pets for kids can be a way to show compassion and respect for animals first hand, very meaningful.
    Good Luck! Approach gently, with kid's interest at heart, too, and see what happens. You may be the only one who knows about this bunny's situation. If you really want to put yourself out there, offer to mom that they can both pop over sometime to meet your happy animal and show the boy how you feed/care for, your animal friend and what a close relationship it has gotten you, that building of trust. Okay, going to shut up now :)
    word up, MC Hamster, I aupplaude your work in the furry community.

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