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Snow - it somehow makes the world seem a little brighter, just when you need it. It's one thing to look out of a window and admire, but there's nothing like stepping outside, feeling the cold, being dazzled, almost blinded, by the light reflected off the pristine white snow. There's nothing quite like being the first person to make footprints in the untouched blanket of pure, ethereal white. So white, it's almost blue.

It brings out the child in me, makes me feel alive. I'm glad that the first thing I feel when I see snow is still a childish excitement, of wanting to have snowball fights, making snowmen. I'll know that I'll have properly grown up when I see snow, and think 'Oh no, travel chaos..!'. I hope that never happens!

The snow is still falling thickly here, I hope it doesn't melt before I get the chance to throw a snowball or three :) I'm still having a tough week with the ME, but I'm feeling a bit more positive now. Thanks for your words of support, they were much needed, and helped me lots.

I leave you with a picture of poor shivering Beepy, wearing a new coat of white (he's the tiny black one):


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  1. Olivia 1:56 pm, February 08, 2007
    Wow, you have a bit more snow than we do. It's not that cold, just feels wet-wet.

    Funny thing, I woke up this morning and one of the first things I thought of (because of your post yesterday) was that Pandy didn't have to enter the fray with the rest of the commuters! Then I texted my friends who DO have to drive.

    I was supposed to go to Sainsbury's with my housemate today. If she doesn't want to shop, I am still going for a walk in this! Got my grippy Canadian boots eh?
  2. Olivia 6:39 pm, February 08, 2007
    (When I say "we" I mean us Londoners 6 miles south of you...)

    I've just discovered I've been reading your blog since last May!
  3. Boso 7:04 pm, February 08, 2007
    Cold, wet, slippery, black ice........yuck !!
  4. Flighty 7:40 pm, February 08, 2007
    Pristine snow is a wonderful sight. Sadly here it soon goes grey and slushy.
    It's definitely a children's delight, and not mine!
    Nice entry Pandy. Take care and stay warm. Hugs. xx
  5. nikkipolani 6:19 pm, February 09, 2007
  6. jiali 7:39 pm, February 11, 2007
    I heart snow
  7. PinkPanther 7:06 am, February 12, 2007
    I watched news on TV mentioned about London had heavy snow late in this year. What a strange weather that happened on half of the world lately, isn't it?

    Hoping the white snow won't affected transportation so much and your way to work. :-)

    For the first time I saw snow which was in New Zealand trip on June 2002 year. I really enjoyed and excited at that moment while I saw the snow was falling down.
  8. panda_eyed 1:43 pm, February 12, 2007
    Livsy, yes, you were one of my first commenters! I started reading yours and Diva's and youngmummy's blogs on 20six ever so long ago, It's possibly been a year!

    All the snow has melted now, apart from a little pile of it in the front garden, which is the last of my beautiful snowman.. Sorry I didn't see you on the weekend, but soon, Livs xx

    Boso, you're a 'proper' grown up :) How can anyone not LOVE the snow..?? :p I wonder what baby O thought of it..?

    Flighty, the snow stayed white for a good 2 days here, and the sunshine reflected off it and made the house ever so bright! It's nice to have a bright winter day, they come so rarely. Hope you had a good weekend! xx

    Nikki, yep, Brrrr, but soooo worth it! My sis made a snow angel in the snow, but I couldn't lie in it for that long - it got down the back of my neck and made me squeal like a piglet :)

    JL, I heart snow MORE! :P Hows things? Hope the course is going well?

    Pinkpanther, another 'proper' grown up :)
    I remember when my grandparents saw snow for the first time, they were fascinated! I'd love to live somewhere hot, but I would sooo miss having the occasional winter snowshower. I bet you're in 16-20 deg weather at the moment, am I right?
  9. jia 6:33 pm, February 12, 2007
    very well, I have no net, but I will have it soon!
  10. Olivia 9:07 pm, February 12, 2007
    Pandy - woah, you read us on 20six? I feel like I left there ages ago...let me check...I closed that blog on the 28th August, just a week after I started that City job. Feels like longer.

    Youngmummy was only a couple of towns over from me in Canada - but we found out just before I had to leave.

    You sound a bit more cheerful today, are you feeling any better?
    See you soon, Pandy xxx
  11. PinkPanther 3:53 am, February 13, 2007

    U're right, it's around 16 -22 C. degrees.
    It forecast that it will be the hottest CNY this year. MY GOD.

    I like a bit cold in the Chinese New Year, sounds have more great atmosphere.
  12. henk the love bear 3:01 pm, February 14, 2007
    I'm taking bear love round the blogs today, here's some for you! xxxxxx
  13. youngmum 4:52 am, February 15, 2007
    Sorry I am late honey but I just wanted to wish you a happy Valentines day!!! Take care of your self sweetie and I'm here if you want to talk!! BIG HUGS (())
  14. panda_eyed 10:21 am, February 21, 2007
    Jia, poor thing, hope you're back online now :)

    Livvy, yes I did :) I feel like I known you for agges, but it's not been all that long, huh? :)

    Ppanther - I read that it was 24deg in HK yesterday - you ARE having a hot CNY! Hope it was a good one. I really have to spend CNY in HK one of these years..

    Awww Henkleton, how lovely of you, thanks little bear! MWAAAHH! xxx

    And thanks you too sweet yummyMum, I hope you had a fab valentines! *Hugs back* :D

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