Gung hei fat choi!

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It's Chinese New Year this Sunday! That means celebrations - parties, lanterns, bright colours (especially red), lots of food, new clothes, fireworks and red envelopes. This year, it's my year - year of the pig - along with my fellow piggies, Flighty and Lil Feather! To ensure that you have a lucky year, you might want to follow some of these Chinese superstitions on New Years day:
  • Don't sweep the floor, as this signifies sweeping away good luck. People who are reeeeally superstitious also don't wash their hair :) (Do it the night before!)
  • Wear lots of lucky red (so that luck knows where to find you, I suspect)
  • Don't eat meat - this stems from back when people had to kill animals in order to get meat - no violence/cruelty on CNY.
  • Cast aside any grudges
  • Spend quality time with your family
  • Give and receive red envelopes (with money inside) on New Years eve, and keep them under your pillow to be opened on new years morning!
To break open your own virtual fortune cookie, clicky here. You can find out what animal year you were born in too.

I'll be going down to Wiltshire, where my grandma and my mum's side of the family live. It's my gran's first CNY in the UK with us all, so it should be nice for her!

Whatever you'll be doing, I hope you have a great weekend, and a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year!
Gung Hei Fat Choi!
Love Pandy xxx


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  1. Boso 11:54 pm, February 16, 2007
    Happy Chinese new Year. I was born in the year of the Snake, and I'm stingy with money, that thing is scarily true !!
  2. Flighty 5:00 pm, February 17, 2007
    Happy New Year Chinese style! I'm a pig so it's going to be my year I believe.
  3. Flighty 5:06 pm, February 17, 2007
    You mention me, and Lil'Feather, and I see that you're a piggie too so it's going to be our year!
    Have a good weekend.
  4. Olivia 7:24 pm, February 18, 2007
    Gung Hei Fat Choi!

    (That was fun to say too.)

    I heard it was the year of the Golden Pig, which happens only once every 60 years. Is this right?

    Unfortunately I washed my hair in the wee hours of this morning. But I didn't eat meat, even though my friend recommended the roast beef dinner!

    I'm a snake, by the way.
  5. Flighty 3:55 pm, February 19, 2007
    I hope what Olivia said is right about it being the year of the Golden Pig as I'll be 60 later this year!
    I do have a phobia with snakes but I'll make an exception in Olivia's case!
  6. Olivia 5:16 pm, February 19, 2007
    Hiss hiss slither slither ;)

    Meh, who'm I kidding? I hate snakes.
  7. nikkipolani 8:56 pm, February 20, 2007
    Interesting details about things to avoid... I will have to have a delayed CNY celebration - last weekend, I think I ate mostly American/European food :-(
  8. panda_eyed 10:31 am, February 21, 2007
    Lol Boso, you make me giggle. :) My mum is a snake too, but I bet she wouldn't appreciate being called stingy :) Happy CNY!

    Flighty, yay, we're going to have a great year! *giggles* I never thought I'd hear Flighty say 'I'm a pig' ;)

    Livster, gung hei fat choi! I was teaching someone to say it on the weekend, and they were hopeless :) It turned into a load of gibberish!
    So many snakes around here!
    BTW, I've never heard of the yr of the golden pig... is that bad..?

    Flighty, wow a milestone birthday, I hope you're going to celebrate! When is it? We shall have to have a blog party for you ;) *flexes balloon blowing muscles*

    Liv, hehe.. my mum does too :)

    Nikki, you shall have to make up for it this week then ;) I sooo wish I could join you! Happy new yr! xx
  9. Anonymous 3:28 pm, February 21, 2007
    Yay! That's fabulous...I'm so going to do that..or get all my friends to give me money! ha!xx
  10. Anonymous 3:31 pm, February 21, 2007
    Oh that last comment was me..I thought I'd deleted my blog and profile but seemingly I can't without deleting my whole email account!xx
  11. panda_eyed 4:06 pm, February 21, 2007
    Ames, I did wonder who that was :) Nice to 'see' you back on the blogosphere, chicky!
    I wonder what I should do with my new yrs money..? Saving it is a bit boring.. *thinking of shoos and new trousers*
  12. Anonymous 4:33 pm, February 21, 2007
    Ooh SHOES!! Get new shoes!!Hopefulyl see you again properly soon medear!xxx
  13. fabulous 7:12 pm, February 21, 2007
    how did your chinese new year start out?. Pass over some pork buns.. yummy. x
  14. PinkPanther 4:07 am, February 22, 2007
    Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!!!

    I had a great CNY in Zhongshan City of China this year with my family and reletives.

    what a pity, there wasn't any firecrackers were allowed to be burn in there.

    Give and receive red envelopes (with money inside) on New Years eve, and keep them under your pillow to be opened on new years morning!
    I always wonder why to keep them under the pillow?

    How's the CNY in China town in London, good atmosphere?
  15. Flighty 1:41 pm, February 22, 2007
    It's not until 24 October so put a note in your diary!

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