I've misplaced my marbles - have you got them?

By panda_eyed
I never get much done when I work from home - as was the case last week. Hence, I spent the first 3 days of this week frantically trying to catch up, and yesterday, finally had everything in order. And then today, I am at home again, and what have I done..? Not a lot. *sighs*

With the limited amount of energy I have with the ME, I feel like I save all my energy just so that I can work, and then spend the rest of the day feeling too exhausted and ill to do anything else. I have no choice but to work - what else would I do? But I also don't feel like I have much of a life anymore - not that it was all fun-filled and exciting before, but at least I had the option. Still, I would hate not being able to work - at least now, I can still keep up a certain level of normality and routine. Without it, I might slowly descend into inactivity and depression.

Anyway, you'll never guess what I did. I put in a load of laundry this afternoon. When it was done, I opened the door of the machine and immediately noticed that something wasn't quite right. I couldn't think what it was for a while, but then I put my nose to it, and realised that it smelt of... nothing.

I'd only forgotten to put any washing powder in, damnit..

I am 23 years old, but my memory is getting to be like my 83 yr old grandmother's. Earlier this week, I took a shower, and it wasn't until I had stepped out, dripping wet and stark nekkid that I realised I hadn't brought a towel in with me. What did I do? I opened the door a crack and shouted for someone, then realised no one could hear me - my parents were downstairs with the TV on full blast, and my sister was in the study with headphones on. What next..? Wrap the teensy hand towel around me? No, that was in the wash. What would you have done? Me, I waited a few more seconds, just to make sure no one was about to come up the stairs, and then made a mad dash to the bedroom, dripping water all down the corridor. Pandy, the streaker! I just hope the neighbours weren't looking out of their windows at the time.. *blush*

That's pretty much been the week so far - not very exciting, huh? Ooh, I've ordered a shiny new phone, which I'll get on Monday - I'm so excited! Hope you all have a good weekend! Gosh I can't believe it's Friday already..

*edit* Mmmm... toasted, buttered teacakes.. Nyum.. *pigs out*

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  1. Boso 5:34 pm, November 10, 2006
    The towel thing is classic, I think we've all done that !!

    Still funny though, ha ha ha !!!
  2. pandy 5:37 pm, November 10, 2006
    Hehe.. I'm glad I made you laugh, Boso! :p Have a good weekend sweetie!
  3. Flighty 6:31 pm, November 10, 2006
    Have a nice, relaxing weekend.
  4. panda_eyed 6:32 pm, November 10, 2006
    Thanks Mr Flighty, you too! I'm going to be catching up on all the blogs! xx
  5. Ames 9:19 pm, November 10, 2006
    Oh goodness so many times I have to do a mad dash starkers upstairs. I'm always really paranoid that my neighbour has seen me nekkid though as the window I run past to go upstairs looks into his kitchen..and possibly builders have seen me in the buff too as they've wolf whistled..very embarrassing.

    Ooh now I want toasted teacakes! I shall buy some this weekend! Yum!xxx
  6. Olivia 11:33 pm, November 10, 2006
    LOL, yes we have all done it!

    I'd usually run back to the shower and jump back in to warm up again.

    Have you ever had Welsh cakes, or are those teacakes too? And if teacakes are hot and buttered, why do M&S make chocolatey marshmallowy ones???

    Oooh Life is full of questions!!!

  7. Olivia 11:35 pm, November 10, 2006
    Knew I forgot something...

    Quite often I might realise I only shaved one armpit.

    One time, I got in the shower, washed my face and forgot to do the rest.
    Got into bed and THEN I remembered.
  8. Jia Li 11:11 am, November 12, 2006
    my tummy is going through its weird, all foods give jia bad tum moment, I want to eat, but it makes me sick...hmmm...what is this...
  9. Seema 4:26 pm, November 12, 2006
    Hehe...nakey Pandy!

    When I first moved into my place I forgot to take my towel into the bathroom with me, but living in a house-share with 3 other people I decided against streaking particularly because one of them always had random blokes round. I had to put my dirty clothes back on, squelch up the stairs to my bedroom, grab my towel, go back downstairs and back into the shower before I could put my yummy clean and dry clothes on! Never forgot my towel again!
  10. Pandy 8:30 pm, November 12, 2006
    Lol Ames, time to get some blinds? Hehe.. You must've made their day though ;)

    Liv, well I'm glad it's not just me! Shaving only one armpit, lol, I've done that too. Have also missed a big patch on my leg when shaving. Atttractive.. :|
    I don't know what Welsh cakes are, so I couldn't say, really! Hmm, chocolate/marshmallow teacakes sounds interesting.. I might have to check that out. Mmm :)

    Aww JL sweetie, sounds like a tummy bug. Hope you're feeling better soon. Ginger tea is supposed to help, and avoid dairy foods! xx

    Seema, lol, I did contemplate putting clothes back on, but I'm sooo lazy.. :) Hehe..
  11. Ames 10:12 am, November 13, 2006
    Lol. Not sure about that Pandy!

    Ooh I bought some teacakes and ate one yesterday..it was SO good!x
  12. Jia Li 1:55 pm, November 13, 2006
    ok dr pandy. will take ur advice
  13. Jia Li 1:55 pm, November 13, 2006
    oh btw, I got a day off! lovely!
  14. Olivia 2:03 pm, November 13, 2006
    Ames - yes but were those buttered teacakes or choc marshmallow ones???
  15. panda_eyed 2:16 pm, November 13, 2006
    Ames, did you go 'Mmmm..' when you ate it? :) They're so yummy!

    JL, You'd better *stern look* :) Hope you feel better. Enjoy your day off!

    Liv, nothing beats a 'real' teacake, not even chocolate and marshmallow!
  16. Ames 2:43 pm, November 13, 2006
    Buttered ones Livs! The chocolate and marshmallowones are overrated!

    Pandy indeed I did and then had my cup of tea too which all went down a treat. I think I'll have one this evening too. Nyum!
  17. Jia Li 7:19 pm, November 13, 2006
    saluts Dr Pandy

    yes mam
  18. Jia Li 10:29 am, November 14, 2006
    I'm still tired, but today is a half day at school, so when I get hme at one pm, I will nap
  19. Buttons 11:52 am, November 14, 2006
    marbles are easily lost but don't worry, you can get on quite well without them!

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