Lobster for dinner

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These lobsters were brought back from the fish market last night. Aren't they beautiful? They were flailing like crazy, very much alive when we took them out. It seems like such a shame to eat them - not that I usually think twice when eating meat or seafood, but it's a different story when you've got to kill them. They've both female - both carrying eggs on the underside of the tail, as you can see in the picture. Isn't it fascinating? They're supposed to be a delicacy in parts of the world, it will be interesting to try.

There is much debate on the most humane way to kill lobsters, which mostly involve boiling. The Chinese, however, don't trouble themselves thinking about these things, and they're drained of urine (I won't tell you how), then chopped before frying or steaming. These two will be shallow-fried/steamed with ginger and spring onion. Mmm, I can taste the sweet, delicate flavours already..Does anyone know what to do with lobster roe? Should it be cooked separately or just left to cook with the rest of the lobster?

I suspect the wonderful Nikki might be able to answer this one!

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  1. nikkipolani 4:30 pm, November 15, 2006
    Ouff! You're out of my league, Missy! I have never cooked lobster at home. But I've heard you can make a lovely lobster roe butter. How 'bout a rich lobster bisque?
  2. Olivia 9:03 pm, November 15, 2006
    Woah, the great Nikki stumped!

    YEs YEs, lobster bisque, or there is a creamy lobter dip we used to make in TX, I forget the recipe...

    Ever had cod's roe fresh and not from a tin? Mmmmmmm.
    Wonderful lightly battered and fried.
  3. Olivia 9:03 pm, November 15, 2006
    "lobter"? LOL
  4. Anonymous 9:50 pm, November 15, 2006
    I always like the idea of lots of different seafood but then I'm not so sure with Lobster..plus it has eyes. *shudder* I have bought a lovely fresh tuna steak though but want a nice recipe for it.
  5. Jia Li 10:25 am, November 16, 2006
    all cooked together...I know I grew up with Lobster

    I used to try to save them, boil them very good, they are bottom feeders...
  6. Olivia at Work 12:49 pm, November 16, 2006
    bottom feeders, yes that means they eat the rubbish on the floor!


    When i first saw the pic in teh corner of my eye yesterday as the page loaded, i was for one moment afraid it was a spider. But crabs and lobsters and prawns are crustaceans, and those are insects of the sea.

    I love crab, but everytime they remind me of spiders, I have to banish the thought.
  7. panda_eyed 1:11 pm, November 16, 2006
    Oof, I would have replied earlier, but blogger was broken yesterday :|

    Nikki, I have to say I'm surprised that you've never cooked lobster! Maybe you can out that on your list next :) Mmm Lobster bisque.. sounds good, but I've yet to try. I've looked up some recipes for it though, thanks!

    Livster (hehe..) Lobster dip sounds 'licious too, mmm.. is it like taramasalata? I used to like that, but then a bad one really put me off.
    Yep fresh cod roe is heavenly, so creamy and mmm!

    Tabitha, seafood is the best. I can't wait until my trip to Hong Kong at Christmas - I'll be visiting Sai Kung, a seaside town that has the best seafood restaurants! Another big MMMmm!
    Lol @lobster eyes, but you don't have to eat that bit, silly, and prawns and fish have eyes too..? :) Hehe..
    Ooh, tuna steak, hmm, I've only ever had it in restaurants so I don't have any recipes I'm afraid. BBC website should have some decent ones though x

    Jia, you grew up with lobster? Lol, I can imagine you swimming around on the sea floor with them *giggles*. Will take your advice though! Thanks!

    Liv, eek, I'd never made that connection before, but now yoy mention it, they are quite freaky..
    Ooh we got crab too, and had it last night - it was DELISH! Mmm mmm mmmm! And this time I even managed to avoid cuitting my fingers!
  8. Buttons 1:23 pm, November 16, 2006
    oh dear me. i think i might be sick at that bottom picture
  9. Anonymous 1:46 pm, November 16, 2006
    Yes but prawns do gross me out too. All the other fish is usually cut into a nice fillet so I don't have to look at their eyes.

    I would love to go to a really good seafood restaurant and pick up some good tips on recipes. I shall have a look at the BBC website too. Thanks! :) xx
  10. panda_eyed 1:55 pm, November 16, 2006
    Buttons dear, why? It's perfectly natural and very delicious :) I guess being Chinese, we eat a lot of things that could be considered strange. I didn't think roe was one of them though..

    Tab, Lol, that reminds me a story from my childhood which I'll blog later. I have a tip - Seafood which smells fishy is NOT fresh. Hope the tuna is good, let me know if you find a good recipe!
  11. Anonymous 2:24 pm, November 16, 2006
    Ooh yes! I knew that tip..thank you for reminding me though! :) xx
  12. nikkipolani 4:51 pm, November 16, 2006
    I did have an amazing lobster soup at a fancy company dinner. I've no idea what all was in the broth, but it had chunks of succulent lobster. A custard made with dashi was at the bottom. And a frothy top with hints of sesame.
  13. nikkipolani 7:37 pm, November 16, 2006
    I think your entry has wafted through cyberspace and somehow influenced my dad, who has decided to have his birthday dinner at a restaurant that specializes in lobsters! I'll see if they do anything with lobster roe on the menu :-)
  14. pandy 7:56 pm, November 16, 2006
    I had to look up dashi! The soup certainly sounds interesting. I think I need to get me some fine dining.. I'll take a leaf out of your dad's book perhaps! Ooh, excited to hear about your meal now! :)
  15. Youngmum 2:55 am, November 17, 2006
    ugh... I feel ill just looking at those pics and thinking of draining the urine.... but you know how I feel about food in general ;o)

    That said, my family LOVES lobster and they cook it all the time (much to my dismay)... they boil them and my mom can chop them up better than anyone I know!!! .. *thinks*... maybe I was adopted?
  16. panda_eyed 10:43 am, November 17, 2006
    Blogger doesn't like me! I have spent a whole hour trying to get into this comments page :(

    Lol YM, one of these days I'll invite you to dinner and put a blindfold on you so you can't see what you're eating. I bet you'd like it if you didn't already know what it was! Hope you're well sweetie! xx

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