That just about sums up my Wednesday

By panda_eyed

If it weren't stressful enough trying to get through the week trying to do a crappy job, applying for an MSc makes it 10 times as bad. I submitted my application in late August, and I know that's late, when the course starts in September, but they could have made it clearer that I need two references by the end of the week! Where the hell will I get those from at such short notice?? I just wrote to my old uni tutors, but who's to say they aren't on holiday, or busy, or will even reply? I am so stressed out right now, that I might have a coronary any second. Especially since my bloody hotmail account kept dying and I had to start my ultra long letter from scratch three times! ARGH! All this, when I'm not even sure if I can afford to take up studying again.

I really really want to though. I have spent the last year getting more and more miserable in this job, and the only thing that has gotten me excited is thinking that I might be able to go back to uni. Its only recently that I have admitted to myself how much I want this. I might cry if this doesn't happen now..

Does anyone have a spare £4500 lying around? And two fantastic references about how great I am?

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  1. Boso 9:14 pm, September 06, 2006
    I could tell them how wonderful you are, but they'll never believe me ;)

    Which uni are you applying to?
  2. panda_eyed 9:16 pm, September 06, 2006
    My old one - Kings College London. Aww Boso, aren't you lovely? Mwah! Hows the bubby and mummy coming along? Hope they're both okay!
  3. Boso 10:09 pm, September 06, 2006
    Not long indeed, baby is due on the 18th........Mummy and bump are fine.
  4. Jia Li 10:41 pm, September 06, 2006
    awww tuddles...I would give you a ref, sorry about the money though

    I bought my books today and ouch! I paied $50 for a thin lil book

  5. Youngmum 4:53 am, September 07, 2006
    Oh Oh *raises hand* I can do it, I can tell them how wonderful you are.
    Tell them to just give me a call.
    Sorry I can't help you out with the money though...I'm broke ;o(
  6. panda_eyed 11:51 am, September 07, 2006
    Boso, wow, not long left. Every time you have to leave wifey for a long length of time, do you think 'what if..'?

    Jia, lol, &*%$ indeed! Text books are ridiculously expensive. There was one someone needed last yr that cost £250!

    Aww YM, ta very much for offering :) I doubt very much you'd still want to do it once you see the great big list of info that you must include on my character, skills, interest, power of expression etc...

    It's so silly. Why can't they just interview me and be done with it? I don't think I can expect the professors to write a great big long thing like that by tomorrow. :(

    Thanks for the support though guys :)
  7. nikkipolani 4:52 pm, September 07, 2006
    What's your job and what are you hoping to do instead?
  8. panda_eyed 5:57 pm, September 07, 2006
    Nikki, I am senior editorial assistant for a medical literature evaluation service (sounds better than it is). I'm hoping to do a Masters in Gerontology. Fingers, toes, limbs crossed very hard indeed!
  9. She_who_must_be_obeyed 6:03 pm, September 07, 2006
    Reference Letter:
    To Whom it may concern,
    Panda rocks big time, so give her the stuff she wants or I'll send you poo in the post, and show everyone photos of you in compromising positions (it's amazing what you can do with photoshop these days).
    Kindest Regards,
    PS: be extra nice to her, she's lovely.
  10. panda_eyed 6:38 pm, September 07, 2006
    Aww.. *blushes* you are too kind Ms Diva! Lol, your name there sounds very dominatrix-y! Ooh-er!
  11. Flighty 7:54 pm, September 07, 2006
    Gerontology? I had to look that up! With an ever increasing aging population it seems to me to be a very worthy subject.
    Fingers crossed for you, and some hugs as well!
  12. nikkipolani 8:36 pm, September 07, 2006
    Gerontology sounds like a very promising field with many aging populations (boomers in the U.S. reaching retirement, etc.). Best wishes to you and keep us posted!
  13. Jia Li 9:28 pm, September 07, 2006
    it does Panda...sounds good, keep tuned to JVLOG for the wheely chair races, BBQ's, indoor cd frisbee and the general antics of Visual Art students like Hawaiian shirt day and we really only have one rule on the D wing:

    1. There are no rules just use common sense but if that doesn't work out for you we never saw it happen.

    I can't wait, today we freaked out Bussn students by having a pow wow on the floor of the main hall, by this I mean sitting on the floor talking really loud in our multi colored hair
  14. panda_eyed 10:29 am, September 08, 2006
    Aww thanks guys, I've managed to get one referee to send in a reference. The other is almost ready, but our HR department is holding things up because they want to approve it. I don't see what it's got to do with them :p

    Jia, I'll keep an eye out for the vids! Crazy girl! :)
  15. Jia Li 1:56 pm, September 08, 2006
    oh yeah, I can't wait for the wheely chair races
  16. Mylozmom 3:55 pm, September 09, 2006
    Remember, you work to live..........not live to work!!!
    And I'm with YM, I'll tell them how great you are!! LET ME AT EM!
  17. Jia Li 5:30 pm, September 10, 2006
    hey panda panda...I just missed you on my vlog
  18. panda_eyed 11:13 pm, September 10, 2006
    Hey Jia, yeah I was there, but narrowly missed the new vid. Thanks for letting me know, sounded like you had a good weekend :)

    HannahzMom! Nice to see you back in the blogosphere, not that I can blame you for being busy with that adorable little baby girl of yours. Did you see the post in honour of her?
    Thanks for the support sweetie!

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