Meeting in the dream realm

By panda_eyed

On Friday night, we had planned to go to the theatre to see ‘See how they run’ and have dinner afterwards. The night started with tube delays, then I got lost trying to find the theatre (a blonde moment - I’ve lived in London all my life..!). By the time I got there, I was refused tickets, because ours were reduced price tickets and the theatre had already sold them to other people (even though I got there before the show started). Since my family had travelled into central London especially, we were understandably pissed off.

Nonetheless, we went to Rong Cheng Chinese restaurant on Shaftesbury Avenue for dinner. We won’t be going there again in a hurry. Not only was the food more sub-standard than any I’ve had in London, but we found bits of wire from a scrubbing brush in the soup. To make it worse, on googling it just now, I found that they were fined £15,000 for mice droppings in the kitchen and bad hygiene. Yuk. They even had the cheek to try and make us pay for our meal, even though it went uneaten. Rong Cheng? Rong choice..

The rest of my weekend was good enough to make up for Friday night though:

  • I went shopping on Saturday and bought myself some very pretty shoes in the sale, as well as a cute top and sexy jeans.
  • Played pool – quite well I thought, but still lost 3 times.
  • Stayed up all night talking and gossiping with Seema
  • My joints felt well enough to play badminton for the first time in 2 months, even though I am aching today
  • Made some yummy food

Me and Seema had the same dream on Saturday night – how freaky was that??! Last week she dropped her phone into a cup of tea and it hasn’t worked since. On Saturday night, we both dreamt that we were standing at the exact same spot in my room, trying to switch the phone on. Not only that, but we BOTH dreamt that it didn’t work the first time, but it did on the second try!

When we both realised this, we straight away went to switch the phone on, hoping that it would work on the second try, giggling like idiots. Did it work? Did it hell.. Still, it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'See you in my dreams'!


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  1. Olivia 4:46 pm, July 10, 2006
    That's awful about the tickets. I am guessing they didn't give a refund? If so, that means they take the ticket price twice! Ow!

    Sorry about Rong Cheng. I usually go further into Chinatown, like Garrard Street the main drag - I have a couple of favourites that my Japanese and Korean friend approve of, but am beginning to explore more options on my own.

    Anyway, I am now hungry (was only peckish when I replied to your comment on my 20six) and my brain is creating the scents of all sorts of Chinese and Thai food in my brain because I went to Hungry Arthur - oh you are wicked to send me there!!!

    But no! I must finish the second avocado with marie rose tonight!

    About those dreams. Did you read my weekend post about kissing Jon Bon Jovi even though I don't like him?

    One time staying at a cousin's house, my mother and my cousin'swife had the same dream - about looking for someone in a house with many doors and hallways.

    Last week, both my mother and I had dreams about an old lady getting into a bed between us. That one was so weird she actually prayed.
  2. panda_eyed 5:10 pm, July 10, 2006
    Hellooo Liv,you do make me giggle! I have to say, the old lady getting into bed with you was a v scary dream.. *trembles*
    Arthur Hungry is good isn't it?? :) I have wasted lots of time on there, just drooling at the pics.
    Yeah I read you Bon Jovi dream, lol. I had a similar dream last night, about a guy who used to have a crush on me. In real life, it wasn't reciprocated, but last night, I dreamt that I realised I DID like him and had missed my chance. How strange huh? I DON'T like him, honest.. I think :)
    We usually go to one of the restaurants on Gerrard Street too, but since we've pretty much tried them all, we thought we'd try something new. Bleurgh.
    And it's okay, we didn't end up paying anything for the tickets in the end, but it was still frustrating!
    Did you have a good weekend?
  3. Seema 7:42 pm, July 10, 2006
    I'm still freaked out over the dream...I rarely dream as it is but to have shared it was even stranger! Poor Billy (my mobile) is still not working, to all you mobile phone owners out there, unlike biscuits mobiles are not very fond of being dipped in tea...
  4. panda_eyed 8:10 pm, July 10, 2006
    And you only worked that out recently..? lol.. silly thing!
  5. Jia Li 8:33 pm, July 10, 2006
    woah, that dream.
  6. Sunshine 9:28 am, July 11, 2006
    yay you have a picture up.. and your a very beautiful girlie.. yay.. nice to see who im chatting too..
    Wow you have been busy.. ooh and you bought shoes.. describe.. x
  7. Sunshine 9:29 am, July 11, 2006
    see im just a sad girlie that wants to know about shoes...
  8. panda_eyed 10:06 am, July 11, 2006
    Jia, I know! :)
    Sunny, you're too sweet! Yay I bought shoes! :D They are sandals with a wedge stiletto heel and lots of black leather straps entwined round a metal circle. Also, a leather strap that winds around the ankle. They are divine.. :D
    And you're not sad - I love shoes too! :D
  9. Seema 11:08 am, July 11, 2006
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  10. Seema 11:09 am, July 11, 2006
    Can I borrow them....please....? :oX
  11. Olivia 11:32 am, July 11, 2006
    I bought a darling pair of Nine Wests last week, so decided to take a recount.

    I have...28 pairs of shoes! Way more than I'd expected...

    One pair I cannot get rid of, my dark red patent leather oxfords from Kenneth Cole. Had them for probably 6 years and they were my first exciting pair of shoes, the type that draw comments from people.
  12. panda_eyed 12:20 pm, July 11, 2006
    Seema, it will be painful to part with them, but yes you can :)

    28 pairs is nothing compared to a lot of girls Liv! I have quite a few too - haven't counted - but every now and again, my mother makes me give to charity those shoes that I don't wear. It's painful, but necesary I guess :( If I had my own house, I'd have a shoe room.. :D
  13. Olivia 1:38 pm, July 11, 2006
    I know :P but my max so far had been 25.

    Oh on the David Letterman show the other day (I only saw a clip), Mariah Carey had a photo of her Shoe Room. She had hundreds - they were arranged in colour order and of course there were so many shoes that the colour faded subtly from one shade to the next...(hard to explain, know what I mean?)
  14. Olivia 1:39 pm, July 11, 2006
    PS I am bored...waiting for an eBay auction to end...waiting for my computer to finish running its diagnostic...need to go out to see how long it takes to walk to Friday's interview...BLAH

    Check out my Blogger...?
  15. panda_eyed 2:48 pm, July 11, 2006
    I think I've seen Mariah Scary's shoe room. Fantasticly weird isn't it?
    Ooh what item are you waiting for on eBay? Anything exciting??
    Blogger checked out :)
  16. Youngmummy 3:52 am, July 12, 2006
    Ewww, that sounds really gross about the restaurant. I would be sick if I found that stuff in my soup.
    Glad the rest of your weekend was good though. Shoes and sexy jeans fix everything don't they??
    tee hee
  17. Seema 11:31 am, July 12, 2006
    I'm sure that if you'd had your own house have a shoe room, a hair product room, a jeans room, a gadgets room.....etc etc!
    I wish i could say i had lots of pretty shoes but i don't. As a bit of a Tomboy i own 4 pairs of trainers and 2 pairs of football boots. Although i have recently come across a pair of stilettoes...think i'll have to practice a bit before venturing out in those!
    Just out of interest, do you girls dream of shoes?
  18. panda_eyed 1:53 pm, July 12, 2006
    Yay youngmummy is back! The meal was gross YM, but yep, Sexy jeans and shoes make it all better :)

    Seema, you're soo right, but you forgot the aromatherapy room with the sexy masseur in it. :)
    We have to take you shoe shopping... that's disgraceful! And I can't say I have dreamt of shoe, no.. can only speak for me though!
  19. Olivia 4:00 pm, July 12, 2006
    Oh poo. I was waiting for an Osprey handbag. It started at 5.00, and I was high bidder at the end for a mere 12.00 but then my computer started hanging when there were 2 minutes to go and I was outbid at 12.50. I WAS SO MAD I nearly threw my laptop on the floor.
    An Osprey bag (soft velvety beige suede) for 12.50??? Don't those usually go for 200+ ??? ARRRRRRR.
  20. Olivia 4:01 pm, July 12, 2006
    Seema - nope, never dreamt of shoes *gives sideways look at Seema*
  21. panda_eyed 4:45 pm, July 12, 2006
    £12.50?? Are you sure it's not fake..??
  22. Olivia 7:44 pm, July 12, 2006
    No, it's an auction so bidding starts low (in this case at 5 pounds), and not that many people were interested in it. I was bidding against only one other person.

    Some bags are so hot they reach near retail price!
  23. panda_eyed 2:23 pm, July 13, 2006
    Hmm! I might have a look myself in that case.. :D Bags!

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