Big Cat Week

By panda_eyed
My favourite soap at the moment isn’t Eastenders, it’s not Neighbours. No, it’s Big Cat Week.

Okay, so technically it isn’t really a soap, but in the way that it follows the lions, cheetahs and leopards, it might as well be. Take last night’s programme for example: “Tomorrow on Big Cat Week…

Will little Toto the cheetah survive this baboon encounter..?
Will Notch be accepted back into the pride after his betrayal..?
Will Bella the leopard find the strength to stand up against her son, Chui?”

I love this format, and I am soo hooked on this show!

I’ve only been watching BCW for the past few years (it only runs for one week, every six months) but I already feel like I know these cats, as if I’m catching up with old friends. I love that all these big cats have such different characters and traits. Take Chui the leopard for example, the other night he tried to ambush some giraffes – he was only playing with them, mind. And little Toto, the 8 week old cheetah, he’s playful and yet so proud, not to mention delightfully fuzzy! I’m so addicted that straight after the programme, I have to switch over and watch the detailed analysis on Big Cat Week Extra on BBC3. Sad huh..?

Last night, Toto’s mummy was trying to defend him from a baboon attack (they can kill a fully grown cheetah with their 5inch razor sharp teeth!) and poor Toto tried to hide in the grass, all the while making little ‘peeep’ noises for his mum. You could see the panic on the presenter’s face, and how badly he wanted to run out there and scoop the little fuzzball up, to protect him from the baboons, but they ‘never interfere with nature, however badly we want to’. I find that commendable and heartbreaking at the same time.

Tune in at 7pm on BBC1 tonight to see if he’ll survive…

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  1. Jia Li 12:35 pm, July 12, 2006
    awwwwwww, that makes me wanta cry, sod it...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I hope the lil fuzzyball survives.
  2. panda_eyed 1:54 pm, July 12, 2006
    Jia, me too! I was squealing on the edge of my seat! I'll keep you informed :)
  3. henk 1:59 pm, July 12, 2006
    Oh NO! I can't watch it sounds too scary, I don't like big gaboon monkleys! *hide in his sleeping bag and pinches it tight at the top*
  4. sammyface 1:59 pm, July 12, 2006
    oh i saw the littel fuzzy thing wobbling around!! it's so cute!
  5. panda_eyed 3:02 pm, July 12, 2006
    *Puts hands over Henk's eyes* It's okay Henkie, I'll protect you, lovely!

    Sammy, I know! He is the cutest little thing! He even has a little mohican sometimes!
  6. Olivia 4:35 pm, July 12, 2006
    Isn't it endearing how cheetah cubs sound like birds???

    And look how he is all fluffily rubbing up against his mummy.

    Did you see last post what I was waiting for on eBay?
  7. panda_eyed 4:46 pm, July 12, 2006
    They do sounds like birds! And squeaky toys too! Toto is such a cutie. His name means 'little one' in Swahili.
    Ya, I just saw your comment and replied. £12.50! Kerazee!
  8. Olivia 7:49 pm, July 12, 2006
    Funny how Toto is Swahili. It means something else in one of the Native American languages I think.

    Lulu is also Swahili for "pearl" but my rabbit Lulu was short for the Greek Luluthia for "flower".
    And then there's just the plain Western name Lulu.
  9. Youngmum 4:41 am, July 13, 2006
    DID HE LIVE?? DID HE?? DID HE?? I am on the edge of my seat and WE DONT GET THAT SHOW HERE SO I COULDN"T WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh man, I hope he lived. You know what just tell me he did even if he didn't because I don't think I can take it if he died.
    *covers eyes and cuddles up with Henk*
  10. panda_eyed 10:15 am, July 13, 2006
    Lol @ youngmumy! Yes he lived! Yayy! I was relieved! It's very dangerous for cheetah cubs in the Masai Mara because there are outnumbered by lions, leopards and hyenas, and only 25% of cubs survive in their first year. Toto very narrowly escaped a lion attack last night too! Lets keep our fingers crossed for him young mummy!

    Liv, my neighbour's dog is called Lulu. She is one of those small fussy dogs that are bred to be carried around instead of walking..
    Apparently, Toto means 'all encompassing'in Latin.
  11. Henk 2:25 pm, July 13, 2006
    Thank you! *snuggles up to panda_eyed and starts to doze off*
  12. panda_eyed 3:55 pm, July 13, 2006
  13. Olivia 6:12 pm, July 13, 2006
    Oh yea, "in toto"

    Booger, that little dog stole my bunny's name. My bunnies were all tougher than those little yap-dogs. *humph*
  14. henk 11:44 pm, July 13, 2006
    *Realises Youngmum is snoring and dribbling on him*
    *gets a tissue and wipes it away and then snuggles up again between youngmum and panda_eyed*
  15. panda_eyed 11:42 am, July 14, 2006
    Liv, I'll bet they were. *Imagines some huge-arse bunnies* *whimpers*

    Henk, teehee.. *snorts in sleep*

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