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It's a bit strange to be here, typing away, as I haven't blogged properly in a year. I miss it lots, as it's so therapeutic. You can share as little or as much as you like and, for me, it just clears my mind of the things that linger and niggle away at me. I still kind of think of myself as a 'blogger'. Sometimes I find myself composing blog pieces in my head, and I keep keep keep meaning to post, but finding the time nowadays is a hassle.

I'm amazed to find that a year has passed already. But they do say that time flies when you're having fun. I had a brilliant year - best ever, I think. Why, you ask? So many different reasons - the easing of my CFS/ME symptoms, changing roles at work and finding for the first time that I like my job, watching my gorgeous little 'nephew' (Diva's little boy) grow up to be the cheeky little smiley thing he is today. But, most of all, the best thing about last year was falling in love.

Yes, I met a boy, and it's time I introduced you him, with pride, I might add. I apologise in advance for my overuse of superlatives, but here goes :) He is the loveliest, sweetest, kindest man, with the biggest heart of pure gold and a beautiful spirit. I did everything I could to avoid falling in love, but I did nevertheless, and with an intensity I’ve never encountered and had never thought possible. Last year was filled with more fun, more laughs, more adventure and more love than I’ve ever known. I found my soulmate.

The only downside? His home is far far away, in South Africa. Late last year, his working visa ended and he had to go home. But our story doesn't end there. He'll be back, possibly at the end of the year, for reasons to do with red tape. We talk regularly, we email and SMS daily and chat via messenger when we can. But it's not easy. If I'd had known how much I'd miss him and how lonely and lost I would feel, I probably would have gone with him.

Keeping a long-distance relationship alive and fresh is difficult and time- and effort-consuming, but when you find someone who loves you this much and whom you love just as much in return, to let it go would be like spitting in God's eye. I'm flying over there for a holiday in two weeks time, and I'm so excited that I'm hopping from foot to foot in anticipation.

Anyway, I'm not sure if anyone still reads this, but I'd just like to wish you a belated Happy New Year - it's not too late, since Chinese New Year was only on Monday 26th just gone :)

Lots of love,
Pandy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Anonymous 1:29 pm, January 28, 2009
    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Pandy's back! :oD Nice to see you sweets, keep it up and a big soppy awwwwwwww from me on all the luuuurve! :oD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Flighty 5:12 pm, January 28, 2009
    Hello! I have stopped by occasionally to see if you've been blogging again.
    It's good to know that you're okay and that life is generally good for you at present.
    Enjoy your trip to South Africa, as I'm sure that you will, and tell us all about it when you get back.
    Take care and hugs! xx
  3. panda_eyed 6:17 pm, January 28, 2009
    Hello Diva and Flighty! :) It was a mighty good feeling typing in that little box and pressing 'post'! I have missed blogging lots.

    Thanks for the kisses and well wishes, and, Flighty, I will defo tell you all about the trip when I get back :)

  4. daffy 8:13 pm, January 28, 2009
    Aw honey ain't love grand! I'm sure things will work out. Just take it one day at a time and imagine how great it will be when you get to be together again!
    Isn't little Diva/nags the sweetest ever? Makes me grin from ear to ear whenever I see him!
  5. Anonymous 6:44 am, January 29, 2009
    Well, knowing it might be a long-distance relationship, I'm sure you did try not to fall in love! But what a wonderful feeling it is to find someone you connect with so well. I'm so pleased your CFS symptoms have subsided somewhat. Could it be the love?
  6. panda_eyed 2:02 pm, January 29, 2009
    Hello Daffy! Yes, little Linckypie is the cutest ever! And such an infectious smiler! :)

    Hi Nikki! Yes, I think being happier had a lot to do with getting better. It's good to have something/one you want to race out of bed every morning for :)

    It's good to see you guys! :)
  7. Anonymous 3:58 pm, January 29, 2009

    so great to see you back, if even just for a blog or two here and there. I am so happy for you that the love bug has bit you in your cute bum! it's the best medicine for sure!

    enjoy your trip and keep in touch sweets!
  8. panda_eyed 12:06 am, January 30, 2009
    Hehe! You do make me smile, MM! It is mighty good to see so many familiar faces around here! Yes, I shall defo keep in touch and keep posting when I can :)
  9. Olivia 5:59 am, January 31, 2009
    Hey Missie, please don't stop blogging. It was lovely to read your writing again, even if we have already been going back and forth with gossipy nonsense all week!
  10. PinkPanther 3:04 pm, February 03, 2009
    Hello pretty Girl, welcome back to the BLOG world again. {hug}

    Happy CNY.

    How's ur Holidays in HK?
  11. panda_eyed 3:40 pm, February 03, 2009
    Thank you Livs and PPanther :) It's nice to be back!

    PP, HK was okay, but harrowing, as my grandma was very sick and we were trying to spend as much time with her as possible. I meant to give you a call - I copied your number into my address book and then I left it at home by accident! Doh.. Silly me! How were your holidays?


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