Pandy bares all ;)

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I've always had a little patch of darker skin on my upper torso, on the underside of my breast. I've never really thought about it, thinking it was just a small birthmark or extra pigmentation on the skin.

Those of you who watched the Friday Night Project with Lily Allen will immediately know what I'm going to say next..

I've been teased about it in the past, this little patch of skin, that it's a third nipple. I dismissed it as ridiculous, automatically thinking that a third nipple would look like, and be the same size as, a normal nipple. But after seeing Lily Allen whip hers out on TV and having further researched it, I'm convinced that this little patch is actually a third, or supernumerary, nipple. It actually does look like a minature one, now that I've examined it more closely!

I'm not the only one. Allegedly, one in ten people has an extra nipple. Mark Wahlberg has one (although they removed in the the Calvin Klein ads), as did Anne Boleyn, not to mention Chandler in Friends (his 'nubbin', remember that?!). I feel rather special to have something that singles me out... I wonder if it's the source of all my powers? ;)

Oh, I took a picture of it... do you want to see..? (okay okay, enough of the 'Get your t*ts out' chants!) I've attached it here, in case you don't want to, but don't worry, I have covered up any naughty bits!

My, what a thing to blog about, after not having blogged for so long... Hope you're all well!

Much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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  1. Olivia 6:36 pm, July 03, 2007
    Hehe, I remember Chandler's nubbin. He had it removed and lost his sense of humour.

    So don't remove yours, you never know what might happen!

    Actually, it looks like a zit...

  2. Flighty 7:48 pm, July 03, 2007
    Hello! How's the neck/shoulder? Better I hope.
    I've not peeked at your third whatsit, but I think that Olivia is being a teeny bit unkind with her remark of what it looks like!
    Take care xx
  3. Boso 9:49 pm, July 03, 2007
    I had one of those a LONG time ago, a scar left behind from a bout of chicken pox. I can now say I've seen your tit :)
  4. hoverFrog 9:04 am, July 04, 2007
    Don't tell the Witchfinder General.
  5. pink jellybaby 10:03 am, July 04, 2007
    awww i would say that is a little nipple.... the Boy has one as well

    at least now you know what it is.... i think it's lucky or something! xxx
  6. Olivia 1:15 pm, July 04, 2007
    Flighty, go peek - don't worry, it won't burn your eyes. then you'll know what I meant!
  7. tomatopuree 3:13 pm, July 04, 2007
    Any photo's? :)
  8. panda_eyed 3:33 pm, July 04, 2007
    Livster, it's so small and hardly noticeable that it's not worth removing. I don't get why people make a big fuss of things like these, although I guess some people have full developed and working extra nipples.. eww :)

    And it does not look like a zit! :p

    Hello Flighty! My neck is completely better now, thank you! Lol, you make me smile with the 'third whatsit' :) And, I know - isn't that Olivia mean! Hehehe...

    Boso, hehe - flashing my nips to the world, what WOULD my mother say?! :) I have lots of chicken pox scars left over too, but they're skin coloured and smaller. I hate them!

    Huh, Mr Frog..? I don't understand.. :p

    PJB, I think it must have some as-yet undiscovered magic power ;)

    Livvy, hehe, don't tease Flighty! (My eyes! My eyes!) :D

    Tommy P, have you not been paying attention..?? *hands on hips* Go back and read it again - there is a link! Tuh.. :)
  9. Seema 3:38 pm, July 04, 2007
    you don't know if it works yet!!! It may be small but it could also be fully functional!!! :oP
  10. panda_eyed 3:42 pm, July 04, 2007
    Seema, eww.. imagine.. being able to breast feed from another outlet.. Eeeeee!!

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