I have

By panda_eyed
not been feeling very well at all. I leave you with this:Not just me..?

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  1. Boso 6:39 pm, September 02, 2006
    Hey, get well soon babe !!

    Love the new look !!
  2. Youngmum 9:00 pm, September 02, 2006
    Ohhhh, look at your new decorating job *looks around*... very nice.
    Hope you feel better soon honey. I just got your email and will reply asap!!
    Big get well hugs for Canada ((( )))
  3. Olivia 9:27 pm, September 02, 2006

    bout an hour ago, to give you some laughs, I wrote a comment that was full of bloopers from a book I just got, and before I could hit send, my bloody computer froze!!!

  4. Flighty 9:53 am, September 03, 2006
    Hello! I do hope that you're feeling better today.
    You've got a mention in my entry today. I hope that you like it!
  5. Jia Li 1:21 pm, September 03, 2006
    I love the new look!
  6. Jia Li 1:21 pm, September 03, 2006
    I should do a v special Panda vid for you
  7. Jia Li 2:08 pm, September 03, 2006

    this will make u feel better a web cartoon with Pandas!
  8. nikkipolani 2:04 am, September 04, 2006
  9. panda_eyed 1:33 pm, September 04, 2006
    Aww, thanks guys, you're all lovely! :)

    Boso, thanks, I am feeling a little bit better today. Glad you like the look, I spent ages getting my head round this html thing!

    Hi Youngmum, ta v much! Looking forward to your email :) *revels in the big warm hug* :]

    Aww Liv, poor thing. Still, it's the thought that counts, and ta v much for the cheer up video! I watched it over and over and giggled for hours! :D

    Hello Flighty! Thanks for the mention :) You're a sweetie! I am back at work (although, I'd rather be tucked up under a duvet in front of the TV, oh well!).

    Hey Jia, glad you like the new decor (phew!). Ta for the link, I am off to have a little look now! :)

    Aww, cheers Nikki! *feels all warm and cosy* *hugs back*! =>
  10. sppadic 2:39 pm, September 04, 2006
    hey hope ur feeling better...liked the cartoon!:-)
  11. Sunshine 4:08 pm, September 04, 2006
    awww i have not been well either but i am allergic to dust and there has been a lot of that flying around my old house as i have been cleaning. I hope that you feel better soon hunny bun. Wrap yourself up in bed and chill. Get someone to get something yummy for you and just dont move.
    I am loving the new look of the bloggage.. Still think that you should come on over to Platform27 though.. lots of great peeps there. x.x.x.x
  12. Olivia 8:53 pm, September 04, 2006
    Sunny is right, the reason you got onto blogger is coz 20six wooulnd't let you on - and now all your 20six buddies are on P27, what's to stop ya!

    I know, you get kinda settled. I can never give up my blogger blog, it was my first one.

    what with all the typing I do in the day my fingers get fed up, my first attempt at typing Blogger came out as:

    blobger - and then - blonger.
  13. Amycady 9:20 pm, September 04, 2006
    That is just so cute..and so very true! Why is that?!

    Hoep you feel better soon sweetpea!xxx
  14. panda_eyed 9:34 pm, September 04, 2006
    Hiya Sppadic, thanks, I am a bit, but quite tired *snores* :)

    Hey Sunshiny, I didn't move for about 4 days, all wrapped up in a duvet! Exciting new move for you, hope everything's going to plan. What a hectic few months it's gonna be! Good luck babe.

    Shiny and Liv, yeah, you're right, but like Liv said, I've settled in now, and this feels like home (and I just spent days working out this html lark!). Still, I might come and join you sooner or later, I'll think about it :)

    Liv, I don't know how you do it, typing all day. Watch out for RSI 'k? Blonger - that sounds like you got a cold :) Btw, I was watching TV earlier, then thought about that Panda vid you posted, and just started giggling and couldn't stop! :) Silly me! Cheers for the giggle though!

    Hey amylicious, thanks honey. The 'toon is true, isn't it? Bl**dy boys, huh? Hope you're staying lovely xx
  15. Olivia 8:59 pm, September 05, 2006
    woohoo, I am so glad you giggled out of the blue!

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